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Spice and Wolf English Cast From Original Series Reprise Their Roles

Fans of the original English dub of Spice and Wolf can rejoice as the same voice cast reprise their roles in the remake! The dubbed version of the reboot began on April 15, bringing back Briana Palencia in her role of Holo and J. Michael Tatum in his role of Lawrence. Alongside them, the rest of the vocal cast has been announced, which includes: Austin Tindle voicing Yarei, Emi Lo voicing Myuri and Doug Jackson, Daniel Van Thomas, Charles Nguyen, and Ben Stegmair providing additional roles.

Originally airing in 2008 (dub in 2009) Spice & Wolf‘s remake pulled a pro-gamer move by bringing back both the English and Japanese voices of the two main characters. Animated by studio Passione, and produced by TV Tokyo, Movic, TOHO animation, Good Smile Company, Kadokawa, Enishiya, and Hayabusa films, the airing remake is set to run for 25 episodes.

In a time where the age of the old gods is quickly being stamped out and the church is strengthening its control, few people still see a need for the pagan idols and rituals of old. Where the guardian entities that promised plentiful crops were once revered and exalted, they’re now thought of as nothing but stories or things to be mocked. And it’s in this world that traveling merchant Lawrence Kraft lives.

One day, after being warned by religious knights over pagan festivals in the area, Lawrence drops by the town of Paslow as they’re celebrating their annual harvest festival. But while he passed only to make a few quick sales, he ended with cargo he could never dream of. To his astonishment, the deity Holo, guardian of Paslow’s harvests, hitched a ride with him out of the village.

At first scared of Holo, who he believes is just a person possessed by the devil, he soon realizes that an invaluable opportunity landed on his lap. With the promise of helping the Wise Wolf Holo back to her northern home of Yoitsu, Lawrence gains a shrewd business partner. But while initially, their partnership is one of business, it doesn’t take long for the complexities of life to turn it into much more.

Episode 1 of the Spice and Wolf (2024) English dub is now available to watch on Crunchyroll!

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