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Oshi no Ko Episode 10 - Kana Arima Is the Best Written Character in the Series

If there’s one character that this series loves the most, it’s most likely Kana Arima. While Oshi no Ko episode 10 managed to display the tensions that idols face under pressure and I want to take this opportunity to appreciate Kana’s remarkable growth so far as an individual and acknowledge how this series has portrayed it in a truly magnificent manner.

As much as I admire Akane and Ruby, without a doubt, Kana is currently the best-written character in the anime. It is she who carries the show with her immaculate character development and by being relatable to an exceptional degree. To say that she’s Oshi no Ko‘s favorite child next to Ai Hoshino isn’t an understatement. Her presence has been consistent throughout the series as she appeared in every episode so far even when it wasn’t focused on her. She even got her own music video. Not to mention the attention to detail of her character design coupled with the variety of outfits she wears per episode is worth mentioning. At this point, she might eventually surpass the popularity of the legendary idol Ai Hoshino. However, it’s important not to overlook the true essence of Kana’s appeal: her compelling coming-of-age story.

Kana learned how the entertainment industry works at such a young age which prompted her to question her overall persona and whether her skills are still up to the challenge of the ever-evolving show business standards. Needless to say, her transformation from an arrogant child actress to a mature performer is exquisite. Her journey of self-discovery has really stood out, adding layers of depth to her character. Even when episodes weren’t centered around her, she still had scenes in which we see more of her perspectives that are beneficial to the episode’s narrative at that time.

Such as in episode 6, wherein she compares herself and others who are in the same industry to a soda can, nothing but mere products for amusement only. That one scene provides a clear display of the industry through her lens which also parallels Akane’s situation during that time. Episode 9 further highlighted Kana’s struggles and weaknesses. In a world that often glamorizes the lives of idols, Kana’s endeavors serve as a reminder that behind the scenes, there are individuals grappling with their own insecurities. For someone who questions her worth and battles with self-doubt, Kana really showcases the internal conflicts with oneself that arise in such a competitive field and her experiences and emotions truly reflect the challenges faced by many individuals in the industry today.

As a result, Kana’s feelings of being unmotivated and overshadowed by the commercial nature of the industry hinder her career progression. Although she may feel this way, this doesn’t diminish the quality of her character but in fact, makes her more human and relatable which is crucial since part of Oshi no Ko’s concept is about the realities of the entertainment world. 

But how did she overcome all of these internal conflicts and solidified herself as the best-written character among the cast? Simply, through the power of adoration and the Hoshino twins inherited the magic of inspiring people from their late mother. 

Oshi no Ko Episode 10 Shows Kana’s Resolve

Oshi no Ko episode 10 beautifully showcased the symbiotic relationship between idols and their fans. Idols captivate and uplift their fans, offering a glimmer of hope, while fans provide unwavering support and inspiration for the idols to become the best versions of themselves.

When Kana thought that she didn’t have fans anymore, the Hoshino twins stepped up when it mattered the most. They became a source of inspiration for the former child superstar, encouraging her to rise above her self-doubt and reclaim the spotlight. Despite Kana seeing herself as a failure, Ruby and Aqua channeled the charisma they inherited from their late mother, empowering those who are facing challenges in life. At the same time, Kana may have also inspired others to pursue the acting industry. Despite enduring numerous challenges as a child actor, she persevered, flourished, and strived even harder. Now that she’s part of the group, she doesn’t want to let Ruby and MEM-cho experience the harsh sting of failure. Although she’s trying extremely hard to make that happen, she too has her limitations.

Ruby’s reminder that failure is a natural part of the journey, as long as they had fun trying, was pivotal for Kana. It was a turning point that showcased the former child star’s growth and maturity, as from that moment, she understood the importance of embracing both success and failure as integral parts of the idol industry. This whole realization was the final nail in the coffin for me to deem Kana as the best-written character so far in Oshi no Ko.

With Kana’s newfound resolve after succumbing to the pressure, B-Komachi is now poised to take center stage at the Japan Idol Festival, marking their first-ever idol concert and serving as the grand finale of the series.

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