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Oshi no Ko Episode 5 - Idols, Internet Fame and Reality TV

Oshi no Ko episode 5 has aired with another great expose on the different branches of the entertainment world. Not only did we gain additional insights into the world of idols, but the episode also showed the secret to pursuing internet fame and the immense effort required to stand out. Lastly, we also got to see a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the inner workings of reality TV and got introduced to a whole new cast that will surely captivate hearts soon enough.

The Other Risk of Becoming an Idol

Oshi no Ko has already explored the harsh realities of the idol industry, laying out numerous risks involved. This episode ventured further into these challenges by explaining how pursuing an idol career can often restrict other opportunities. Unlike actors or voice actors who may have shorter shooting or recording sessions, being an idol demands a lot of time. This is why Kana hesitated at first when Ruby invited her to join the idol group While treading the idol path could offer her some moments in the spotlight, the potential risks outweigh the perceived benefits. 

However, Kana’s emotions got the best of her when Aqua, the master manipulator, did what he does best once again. Despite this, it’s just gratifying to witness Kana’s excellent character development as she was once an extremely self-centered character. While she used to be so full of herself when she was a child, it was truly captivating to see how she humbly dismissed the little things as she grew into a mature young woman. The true test of her personal growth has only just begun, as we might see how she has truly matured after signing with Ichigo Production.

Once again, Oshi no Ko distinguished itself from other idol series as episode 5 showcased the evolution of the idol scene. Gone are the days of distributing flyers and relying on joint concerts, as the internet now holds center stage when achieving a quota, since it is capable of reaching an even larger audience. “These days, the heart of idol culture is online. It’s also the best value for money for generating grassroots support” as Miyako puts it. However, it’s important to note that having a pretty face alone is insufficient to amass a huge online following. It requires the creation of unique content and a tremendous amount of effort to rise to the top. Nevertheless, there exists a shortcut to achieving such success.

A Secret Shortcut to Internet Fame

This is where Pieyon, Ichigo Production’s top revenue-generating talent, finally comes in. Despite his initial appearance as a knuckle-headed pervert, seemingly serving as a mere gag with his high-pitched voice and chick mask, he’s much more than that. In fact, he serves as the catalyst for Ruby and Kana’s debut, propelling their idol dreams forward with a big push. He also shared with the two self-proclaimed idols the secret to internet fame lies in collaboration with personalities who already have a substantial following.

Reality TV

While the first and last bits of the episode focused on idols, episode 5 of Oshi no Ko is actually titled “Reality Dating Show.” Sticking with its theme of lies and deceit, reality TV, in reality, is far from what it is supposed to what the medium suggests. It fails to depict the genuine everyday interactions with one another and the actual day-to-day events. Just like Aqua’s bright smile and cheerful personality, it all masks a deeper truth, a mere facade.

However, what makes this particularly exciting is the absence of a script for the cast to memorize. Instead, the crew simply requests to recap the character’s conversations whenever the camera closes up. The cast has full control over staging and the overall storyboard, but they must also ensure it remains entertaining. It’s difficult to improvise if you really think about it. While some individuals effortlessly excel at lying and engaging in discussions, others find themselves grappling with these. Interestingly enough, it is often their struggles that make them all the more entertaining, even if they are unaware of it.

Oshi no Ko’s Episode 5 – The Funniest Episode Yet

Personally, I found this episode to be quite hilarious. Right from the first episode, there have been several instances where Oshi no Ko embraced a playful tone. We saw that here as well: Aqua’s struggle to maintain a bubbly personality and Kana’s overthinking of Aqua’s invite brought comical moments. But let’s be real for a second and acknowledge the true king of comedic relief, Pieyon, who might probably is responsible for letting Oshi no Ko take the crown for last week’s ranking. Whether it’s his high-pitched voice or his eccentric actions, he is truly a sight to behold.

The goofy dance sequence as well served as a standout highlight of the episode. Doga Kobo didn’t really have to make all of that to be exceptionally well, but they did. And while I initially expected it to be brushed aside or given minimal attention, the staff went above and beyond, crafting a memorable scene (whether good or bad) that ultimately led to a beautiful moment – the announcement of B-Komachi’s comeback.

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