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Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me Episode 3 - The Unexpected

Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me episode 3 picks up where the previous episode left off, with Ryuto’s first crush, Maria, whom he asked out in middle school, only to be rejected. However, she has now transferred back to the high school he attends. He’s trying to avoid her as much as possible because he knows it might affect his feelings. Despite this, Ryuto is determined to remain loyal.

Runa’s best friend, Nikoru, decides to approach him and inform him that it’s Runa’s birthday, which he doesn’t know. He seeks her advice on what he should do for Runa’s birthday. Nikoru questions why he doesn’t just ask Runa herself about what she wants. He explains that she surprised him with a phone case for their one-week anniversary, and he wants to return the favor by surprising her for her birthday.

Later, while on his way home from the train station, he unexpectedly runs into Runa. She tells him about a picture one of her friends took, showing Ryuto and Nikoru together, suggesting they were on a date. Ryuto quickly clarifies that they were meeting to discuss Runa’s birthday since he didn’t know it was coming up.

They decide to go to an alley street market for her birthday, a place teeming with various shops. The highlight of this alley is the many bubble tea stalls. Ryuto discovered her love for bubble tea, so he dedicated a week to studying different bubble teas. He wanted to connect with her, so he studied diligently for her birthday. When he started talking about interesting facts about bubble tea, she was amazed by his knowledge because she only knew how to enjoy them. Later, he realized he didn’t have a physical birthday gift, and he offered to give her money instead so she could buy whatever she desired. However, she insisted that she wanted the bubble tea map he created, containing information about various bubble tea places, as her special birthday surprise.

I couldn’t believe he dedicated an entire week to studying bubble tea for her birthday. I would be overjoyed if I ever found a boyfriend who would put in that kind of effort to learn about something I enjoy for my special day. It’s such a wonderful gesture and a green flag for their relationship. It shows how much he cares about her happiness and will go the extra mile to make her day special. Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me Episode 3 shows what commitment is.

Ryuto’s commitment to understanding her interests highlights his thoughtfulness and demonstrates the depth of his feelings for her. These small, heartfelt gestures can strengthen a bond and create cherished memories in a relationship. As they strolled through the bustling alley street market, sampling various bubble teas, they were creating lasting memories that would undoubtedly bring them even closer together.

Towards the end of the episode, Runa found herself in a rather awkward situation. Another guy asked her out, but with all her heart, she replied that she already had a boyfriend. However, when this inquisitive individual pressed further and asked her to reveal the identity of her boyfriend, Runa coyly responded that it was a secret. While she would have loved to declare who her boyfriend was proudly, she respected his wish to keep their relationship under wraps. Their shared desire for privacy emphasized the intimacy they were building between them.

As the days passed, Runa’s old crush began talking about the rumors about Runa to Ryuto, causing a growing irritation. He incessantly discussed these speculations, and it reached a point where Ryuto felt compelled to address the matter. He was weary of people gossiping and speculating about Runa, so he decided to take a stand. He announced to everyone that he was indeed dating her, thus putting an end to the relentless rumors.

This bold move demonstrated Ryuto’s commitment not only to Runa but also to their relationship. He was willing to face the scrutiny and judgment of others to protect their bond and ensure that their connection remained genuine and devoid of unfounded gossip. It was a significant step in their journey as a couple, showing that they were ready to face challenges together as they continued to grow closer.

I appreciate their mutual respect for each other’s feelings and unwavering loyalty. It’s heartening to see that they didn’t prolong the secret of their relationship. Unlike many other animes that tend to drag out such matters, this one took a refreshing approach by swiftly and decisively announcing their official status in only the third episode. This straightforward approach is commendable, and I’m glad they didn’t leave the audience hanging with unnecessary drama. It adds a unique quality to their story and keeps it engaging and relatable.

My overall review of Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me episode 3 is quite positive. What stands out the most is how they didn’t unnecessarily prolong the issue of their relationship status. It’s evident that both characters are deeply committed to each other and display unwavering loyalty. Their mutual efforts to avoid hurting one another and their commitment to respecting each other’s feelings are truly heartwarming. The way they prioritize their partner’s emotions is undeniably adorable, and it’s something that adds a special charm to their relationship.

This level of thoughtfulness and mutual respect between the characters is a refreshing departure from many animes that tend to gloss over such important aspects of relationships. It’s a testament to the depth and maturity of their connection, which makes their story all the more engaging and relatable. Their willingness to communicate openly and their genuine consideration for each other’s feelings make this episode a standout in the anime world.

I give Our Dating Story: The Experienced You and The Inexperienced Me episode 3 an 8/10. If you enjoyed the episode, make sure to vote for it in the Anime Corner Fall 2023 polls.

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