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Pretty Series' Latest Title, Himitsu no AiPri Premieres April 2024

Himitsu no AiPri, the latest title in the Pretty Series anime franchise, will premiere in April this year. A key visual and a teaser trailer has been released as part of the announcement.

Himitsu no AiPri – Teaser Trailer

Studio OLM and Dongwoo A&E are both involved in the animation work for the new title. The main cast includes Minori Fujidera as Himari Aozora and Sae Hiratsuka as Mitsuki Hoshikawa. The staff includes:

  • Director: Junichi Fujisaku, Kentaro Yamaguchi
  • Chief Directors: Park Chi Man, Nam Sung Min, Choi Hun Cheol, Shin Gi Chuel
  • Series Composition: Ichikawa Juokuzaemon
  • Original Character Design: Hiromi Nashimoto (Sin Sophia)
  • Anime Character Design: Yuki Nagano
  • CG Director: Satoshi Yanagawa
  • Music: Izumi Mori (bransic)
  • Sound Director: Noriyoshi Konuma

The official website for the anime describes the plot as:
Himari Aozora and Mitsuki Hoshikawa, have entered Paradise Academy, a private school. Himari’s dream is to make 10,000 friends! But Himari, who tends to be shy and nervous, may find it a little difficult…
But Himari unexpectedly makes her AiPri debut! She has a “secret” that she can’t even tell her best friend, Mitsuki! But it seems that Mitsuki has a “secret” too…
Himari and Mitsuki, the two have their secrets, start their AiPri!

Himitsu no AiPri – Key Visual

Himitsu no AiPri is the successor title following Waccha PriMagi!, which ran from 2021 to 2022 for 51 episodes. The Pretty Series, better known as Pretty Rhythm, is a Japanese multimedia franchise produced by Syn Sophia and Takara Tomy Arts aimed at elementary school-aged girls. Its first TV anime Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream started airing in April 2011. It was followed by Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future (2012-2013), Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live (2013 – 2014), Pripara (2014-2017), Idol Time Pripara (2017-2018), Kiratto Pri☆Chan (2018-2021), and Waccha PriMagi! (2021-2022).

Source: Official Website
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