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Quality Assurance in Another World Anime Releases First Trailer Ahead of Spring 2024 Premiere

Quality Assurance in Another World just released the first trailer for its upcoming anime adaptation, set to premiere in Spring 2024 season. The anime was announced earlier in March with a teaser and visual. Watch the new trailer here:

Alongside the initial cast announcement that Haga would be played by Kaito Ishikawa and Nikola by Hinaki Yano, additional members have been revealed. Reiji Kawashima will play Amano and Rie Takahashi appears as Akira. Character designs for the anime were also revealed. In order are Amano, Akira, Haga and Nikola:

The official website provides a summary of each character:

  • Haga:
    On the outskirts of the small country of Bayle Kingdom on Clayborne Island, there is a man who continues to investigate dragons. His true identity is one of the King’s elite top-secret investigation teams – the King’s Seekers – that the king has sent out to various places. In order to get to the bottom of the abnormalities such as the illness of the crown prince and heirs of other countries, as well as the abnormal behavior of monsters, he investigates all manner of worldly phenomena.
  • Nikola:
    A 14-year-old girl living in a small village located deep in the outskirts of the Bayle Kingdom borderlands. While out gathering firewood, she is nearly attacked by a group of dragons, but is saved at the last moment by Haga. This incident brings the two closer together. Ignoring the voices of her fellow villagers, she becomes determined to travel with Haga, who is a Seeker.
  • Amano:
    A shaman of the Feather race, which takes the form of small beasts. Seeking a peaceful life, he arrived at a small village where he lives quietly while writing stories…
  • Akira:
    A female Long Ear (Elf) whose characteristic feature is her long ears. She possesses skills as a Fighter and wields a greatsword in combat. Her creed is to accept things as they are and live naturally as a denizen of the world.

As previously announced, the staff list is as follows:

  • Director: Kei Umabiki
  • Series Composition: Shogo Yasukawa
  • Character Design: Shigeo Akahori
  • Color Design: Sakie Suzuki
  • Photography Director: Ayako Otsuki
  • Editing: Emi Onodera
  • Sound Director: Takeshi Takadera
  • Music: Seima Iwahashi, Yuta Kasai, Daisuke Horikawa (Elements Garden)
  • Animation Studio: 100studio, Studio Palette

Written by Masamichi Sato, Quality Assurance in Another World debuted in Kodansha’s Comic Days magazine in 2020 and has been collected in 9 volumes to date. The series was licensed digitally in 2021 by Kodansha USA, before receiving a physical release in 2023.

Kodansha USA describes the series as:
Nikola is just a village girl working at the inn…until the day dragons invade, and she meets Haga, a scholar of everything around him. He’s a part of an elite society called “Seekers,” created to address a series of maladies plaguing their usually peaceful world. But both Nikola and Haga have secrets they hide…ones that will change each other’s very existence…

Source: Official Website
© Masamichi Sato, Kodansha, Quality Assurance in Another World Production Committee

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