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Rail Romanesque TV Anime New Visual And Information

The new upcoming TV anime Rail Romanesque that is based on a visual novel game Maitetsu: Pure Station, has officially created their official website today, and they also released pieces of information for the upcoming TV anime along with the new key visual.

The New Official Key Visual For The Anime

The upcoming TV anime will have a total of 12 Episodes with five minute-length each, the TV anime’s broadcast will begin this Fall 2020. They also revealed the two voice cast for this anime.

Production Staff

Animation production: Saetta
General director: Hirasawa Hisayoshi
Acoustic director: Hirasawa Hisayoshi
Screenplay: Motomura Koichi
Character design: Takayuki Noguchi
Sound: Cloud22 Inc.
Production cooperation: Ammo 98 Inc.
Theme song : Ayumi. Megu Sakuragawa Masayo Shinkai

Cast and Characters

Sumire Uesaka
Suzushiro, Yorozuoka Railway C12 Designed Railroad for 67
Aya Suzaki
Kiko, Nagoya Railway’s Hoji 6005 Train Designated Railroad for Hoji 6016

This two characters are for now the only ones who has a voice actresses, here are the characters who still have not yet revealed the voice actresses.

Ran, a Railroad for the D51 840 locomotive
Iyo, a Railroad for the Iyokan Railway Kō 1-1 steam locomotive
Kurenai, a Railroad for the Kiha 101 locomotive
Riiko, a Railord for the Tōbu Railway 5 locomotive
Kakaa, a Railroad for the Deha 101 locomotive
Shirogane, a Railroad for the EF10 23 locomotive
Suika, a Railord for the Nakakuni Railroad Sōkō Tōtomi 4 2000 locomotive

Additional Informations for the upcoming anime will be posted on their official Japanese website and Twitter account.

Source: Rail Romanesque Official Japanese Website

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