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Real Life Pantsu Thief Arrested In Japan

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Sure, Kazuma’s antics and personality in Konosuba were funny (subjective), but some of his actions don’t really do well in our world. A 60-year old man from Osaka Prefecture found that out the hard way as the Wakayama Prefectural Police Department re-arrested him on suspicion of committing the crime of theft. He admitted the charges (hence a real life pantsu thief). According to the announcement, the man was suspected of stealing two pieces of underwear that had been drying at the home of a woman in her thirties in Wakayama City on the morning of November 25.

real life pantsu thief - image from Konosuba

The woman reported it and said that a suspicious car had escaped. The police managed to find him based on the description, but the suspect attempted to escape. He started the car and hit an officer, so he was also arrested for obstructing the execution of public affairs. Subsequent investigations found two different women’s underwear in the car. That wasn’t the end of it though, as they later found about 900 pairs of women’s underwear in the man’s home. They will investigate the acquisition route, but we can kind of already guess how he got them.

So yeah, don’t forget our world isn’t fantasy. A real life pantsu thief (or anything else illegal) will always be met with severe consequences. (If they get caught at least.)

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Source: Yahoo! News Japan
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