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Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 19: The Finale Of Emilia’s Trial

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This week was Episode 19 of Re:ZERO aka Re: Life in a different world from Zero Season 2. This one also looks like a strong contender for Episode of the Season.

We finish Emilia’s first trial, in one of the most emotional episodes in awhile. The animation and voice acting deliver an amazing performance for all characters as we see the arc come to a close. Some spoilers are in wait so please go watch if you haven’t already.

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 19: The Finale Of Emilia's Trial

Re: Zero Season 2 episode 19, starts with Emilia’s confrontation with Pandora, the Witch of Vanity. Pandora reveals that the only one who has the key that can open the seal is Emilia. As such, she tries to tempt Emilia to open the seal for her by promising her Mother’s safety if she complies.

Emilia shows extreme confliction, and we give full credit to the animation team as her feelings are conveyed so well. However, Emilia buckles down on her promise to her Mother, and refuses despite the possible consequences. Pandora shows no clear emotion as she respects Emilia’s decision, but states she will do what she must as well.

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 19: The Finale Of Emilia's Trial - Mother Fortuna

Mother Fortuna arrives in the nick of time, to defend her daughter. She puts up a valiant effort against the witch, but she can’t defeat her. Realizing the situation, Fortuna confides in Emilia one last time that she loves her, as she looks to finish the fight.

As Fortuna looks to deliver her Killing blow, Geuse arrives on the scene to assist, and they attack simultaneously. Geuse delivers the killing blow. but he was tricked and instead fatally wounds Mother Fortuna. Geuse, unable to understand, goes mad as Pandora only guides him more into his descent.

Fortuna gives her dying words to Emilia, as she states how proud she is and how much she loves her. Emilia in tears, unleashes her powers in a rage, as she freezes it all over.

Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 19: The Finale Of Emilia's Trial - Geuse

This was a heavy episode, as we sadly have to watch the tragic death of Mother Fortuna, and Geuse driven insane by it. Emilia showed amazing character development as she watched her past memories, and I’ve grown to really appreciate her.

We will have to wait and see how she handles the two remaining trials, but her growth showed a lot of promise.

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Images via the Official Re:Zero Twitter and Crunchyroll

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