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Riding Bean OVA Announces September 10 Blu-Ray and Streaming Debut

The iconic 1980s Riding Bean OVA is coming to streaming services and home media (Blu-ray) with an exclusive release by AnimEigo on September 10. The OVA will be available to stream on-demand on platforms including Google Play, YouTube, and Amazon.

The Riding Bean OVA was originally released in 1989. It was animated by studios AIC and Artmic; Artmic went bankrupt in 1997 and AIC inherited most of its titles. Yasuo Hasegawa directed the anime, while the original concept was created by Kenichi Sonoda who supervised the work and did the character designs. Hasegawa and Sonoda also did the storyboards with Yasunori Ide.

The Blu-ray release, priced at 17.95$, will include original trailers, an image gallery, an exclusive new trailer, and a new interview with Kenichi Sonoda. Sonoda later worked on the manga adaptation of Riding Bean which was canceled in 1989 after the Monthly Comic Noizy magazine shut down. The story was concluded in the Revised Edition of the Gunsmith Cats manga, another one of Sonoda’s works.

AnimEigo describes the plot as:
Chicago’s only got room for ONE massive Bean!
Visiting the Chicagoland area and in need of a getaway driver? Well, there’s no better wheelman than Bean Bandit—the infamous Roadbuster! Provided you’ve got the scratch, Bean and his blonde bombshell of a partner, Rally Vincent, will get you where you need to go. Not long after finishing up a sketchy job, the Roadbuster is tasked with returning a young member of Chicago’s elite to her family’s estate. But what starts out as a simple taxi gig quickly becomes way more than Bean and Rally had bargained for…

Source: Press Release
Riding Bean © AnimEigo

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