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Say "I Do" to The Aniplex Lycoris Recoil Wedding Dress Figures

Did you know that almost half of all marriages end in divorce, and with the average wedding running you around $35,000 (in the US), that’s a pretty expensive crap shoot. Getting married in this day and age is not only a bad idea, but it’s a ‘let’s get a doner kebab’ at 3 a.m. after your twelfth Guinness Nitro Cold Brew level of bad idea. It’s the kind of decision that sees you waking up on a couch with the mother of all headaches regretting everything that leads you there.

But let’s say you want to live the excitement of saying “I do” to that special someone as they stare back at you with love in their eyes. Well, with the Aniplex Lycoris Recoil wedding dress figures, you can get that feeling without the lifelong commitment and its possible downfalls.

Retailing for $191.99 each (because that 1 cent is a deal breaker), the PVC-ABS-stainless steel figures are part of Aniplex’s 1/7 scale line. Standing at 255mm, that’s two hundred millimeters plus another 55 millimeters, or 10.04 inches in American measurements. Based on a Comic Market 101 illustration, the beautifully detailed figures feature Chisato and Tanika in breathtaking wedding dresses and their very own bridal bouquets.

With Takina’s refined, laced, and tight-fitting dress and Chisato’s puffy, extravagant dress, both girls’ personalities shine through. Such elegantly crafted figures aren’t a want; they’re a need! Plus, at $192, the cost is negligible. I’ve spent more than that on a 4-pack of beer, and I’m what you would call “poor.” But, if you’re still undecided about buying them due to the price, the pre-order is open until August 28. That’s enough time to commit your crime of choice to raise the needed funds #noovertime.

Animated by A-1 Pictures and produced by Aniplex, BS11, and ABC Animation, Lycoris Recoil was the summer hit of 2022. Featuring waifus, terrorism, and state-sponsored assassinations, Lycoris Recoil is what you get when you cross John Wick with Aria the Scarlet Ammo.

As a way to combat terrorism in Japan, orphan girls are raised as state-sponsored assassins under the ‘Lycoris program’, and among the program’s operatives, Takina Inoue is one of the best. But after a botched hostage situation sees her transferred to LycoReco, a Lycoris base disguised as a cafe, what greets her there is far from what she imagined.

While she originally butts heads with the people in her new base, slowly they start to show her that all the things that were so thoroughly ingrained in her aren’t as set in stone as she thought. But what is set in stone is the elegance of the new Aniplex Lycoris Recoil wedding dress figures, so make sure you get one, or both!

Source: Offical Good Smile Website, Takina, Chisato
© Spider Lily / Aniplex / ABC Animation / BS11

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