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Sayumi Suzushiro Joins Genshin Impact as Kirara

Genshin Impact‘s official Japanese Twitter account revealed on Saturday that voice actress Sayumi Suzushiro will be voicing the newest playable dendro character Kirara. She was previously teased on April 10 and the game describes her as follows:
“She’s an adorable little nekomata. Just whisper ‘the parcel delivery is going to be late’ in her ear while she’s asleep, and she’ll spring right up and start dashing faster than General Gorou does on the battlefield.”

The 3.7 version live-stream will start on May 13, at 08:00 AM (UTC-4). As always, the program will introduce the update updates and showcase the banners that will be featured. Kirara is the only new character that will be joining Genshin Impact’s lineup in 3.7.

Genshin Impact JP announces Sayumi Suzushiro as Kirara

Sayumi Suzushiro is known for voicing Nijika Ijichi in Bocchi the Rock!, Kurena Kukumila in 86, Kei Shirogane in Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Uruka Takemoto in We Never Learn: BOKUBEN, Akira Ono in High Score Girl, Haru Nabatame in Shine Post, and Ami Tsuruga in The Café Terrace and Its Goddesses. Some of her roles in other gacha games include Noa Ushio in Blue Archive, Jackie in Arknights, and U-101 in Azur Lane.

Source: Genshin Impact Japanese official Twitter

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