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SEGA’s Second Building in Akihabara Closes On 30th August 2020

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Sega’s 2nd building in Akihabara will be closing this August 30, 2020, most likely due to the worldwide pandemic and the recession that affected Japan as the country struggles to bring back its economy. The store is known for its arcade games, prize games, events, and shops. The building’s game center offers different SEGA arcade boxes such as the top-selling, Kantai Collection Arcade, Fate/Grand Order Arcade, Wonderland Wars Arcade, Chunithm Crystal Plus Arcade, and many more.

SEGA’s store is one of the most significant places in Akihabara and has an immense poster on the outside that is extremely noticeable. The most recent poster features Kongo and Warspite from the KanColle arcade game to celebrate the game’s 6th year anniversary.

Notice of closure also has been put on the building:

Notice of closure

Thank you for your continued patronage. We are sorry to announce that this branch, Sega Akihabara Building 2, will be closing. Our last day of operations will be Sunday, August 30. The entire staff wishes to express, from the bottom of our hearts, our sincere gratitude at the loving support you have given our establishment for so many years.

Arcades were already on the decline even before the pandemic as more people are opting for home consoles and the like. The current situation has obviously made it even harder on them, and another arcade place that had to close down is Warehouse Kawasaki arcade, which closed back in 2019.

SEGA’s 1st building will continue its service and only the 2nd building will be closed on August 30, 2020. A few of the arcade games from the 2nd building will be available at the 1st building for the people to access and play these games. We pray for SEGA’s company and its employees to overcome these shortcomings and never lose hope amid the current worldwide pandemic and may their company’s operations return to its normal status.

Source: Twitter account of 漆黒@海風 海風提督

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