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Shenmue the Animation Comes to Crunchyroll on February 5

Shenmue the Animation is coming to Crunchyroll on Saturday, February 5 worldwide outside of Japan and China. The Crunchyroll and AdultSwim original is based on a game by SEGA and animated by Telecom Animation Film (Tower of God). The English dubbed version will air in North America on Toonami’s Adult Swim block.

Shenmue the Animation is listed with 13 episodes. A trailer with English subtitles is now available:

Chikara Sakurai (ONE PUNCH MAN Season 2) is directing Shenmue the Animation. Video game creator Yu Suzuki is credited with the original concept. Kensuke Ishikawa was in charge of adapting the character designs, while Udaka was credited with original designs. Kento Shimoyama oversaw series composition. Kana Shibue composed the music for the anime. Kensuke Ishikawa (Tower of God) will serve as chief animation director, with scripts from Kento Shimoyama (BLEACH) Kashitarou Ito is singing the opening song which is titled “UNDEAD-NOID”.

The announced voice cast mainly includes English dub information:

  • Masaya Matsukaze (JP) and Austin Tindle (EN) as Ryo Hazuki
  • Takahiro Sakurai (JP) and Scott Gibbs (EN) as Lan Di
  • Natalie Rial (EN) as Shenhua
  • Cat Thomas (EN) as Nozomi Harasaki
  • Jeremy Gee (EN) as Guizhang Chen
  • Greg Ayres (EN) as Chai
  • Bryson Baugus (EN) as Wong
  • Luci Christian (EN) as Joy
  • Christine Auten (EN) as Xiuying Hong
  • Cody House (EN) as Ren
  • Joe Daniels (EN) as Dou Niu

1986, Yokosuka. Ryo Hazuki has trained to master the Hazuki Style Jujitsu under his strict father in the Hazuki Dojo from his childhood. However, one day a mysterious man named Lan Di murders his father and takes the “mirror” his father was protecting. Ryo is determined to find the truth behind his father’s murder, but soon finds himself getting stuck in a war between the underground organizations…. Traveling from Yokosuka to Hong Kong, Ryo’s long journey begins!

Official Synopsis, Crynchyroll

Additional Crunchyroll and Adult Swim original series include Blade Runner: Black Lotus and Fena: Pirate Princess.

Source: Press release
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