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Shiina Natsukawa Releases 4th Single "Antithesis"

After 2 years of Parade’s release, Shiina Natsukawa releases her 4th single entitled, “Antithesis”. She announced her 4th Single at the end of her cover video of the song Junky Night Town Orchestra on her youtube channel. Her new single was decided to be released on September 9, 2020.

Antithesis Single Cover Standard Edition
Antithesis Single Cover Limited Edition

Vocaloid producer Suri-i who is known for producing songs like Junky Night Town Orchestra, Norua Dorua B, and Telecaster B-Boy is the one who composed and wrote “Antithesis.” Natsukawa’s longing for a rock single has to lead her to contact the Vocaloid producer.

The single will also include the song “RUNNY NOSE” which is also composed by Suri-i but with Natsukawa writing the lyrics this time. Both songs express “anger” or intense emotion which marks Natsukawa’s new phase as an artist.

Antithesis Music Video (short ver.)

After a month of announcing her 4th single, she released the short version mv of Antithesis on her channel. Two weeks after the release of her short mv, she released a behind the scenes video of the music video.

Shiina Natsukawa is known for her roles as Akeno Misaki in High School Fleet, Yuki Kusakabe in Interviews With Monster Girls, and Yui Tsuruno in Magia Record. Together with Momo Asakura and Sora Amamiya, they form the seiyuu unit Trysail. Despite being the youngest member of the unit, Natsukawa still strived and produced a total of 4 singles, 1 album, and 1 mini album.

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