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Slimes Rejoice in New My Isekai Life PV, July 4 Premiere Date Revealed

My Isekai Life anime revealed the third PV and a new key visual for the upcoming ahead of the July 4 premiere. The premiere will consist of a 1-hour episode. Studio REVOROOT is animating the series.

My Isekai Life – 3rd PV

The new trailer featured the opening theme “Mujikaku no Tensai” by Non-Stop Rabbit. The previous trailer introduced the ending song “Gohandayo! Dadadadan!!” by Sura-chans△ (a special unit consisting of voice actors voicing the slimes). The main cast is:

  • Chiaki Kobayashi as Yuji
  • Mia Kanno as Surapath
  • Erisa Kuon as Surahappa
  • Nichika Omori as Higesura
  • Miharu Hanai as Pekesura
  • Mikawa Haruna as Mayusura
  • Hikaru Tono as Sura
  • Azumi Waki as Dryad
  • Wataru Takagi as Proud Wolf

 My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World! anime is based on a light novel by Shinkoshoto and illustrated by Huuka Kazabana. Originally published on Shosetsuka ni Naro, the novel was picked up by SB Creative. SB Creative has been publishing it under its GA Novel imprint since 2018. A manga adaptation by Ponjea is also ongoing on Square Enix’s MangaUP! service. Square Enix also licensed the manga in English.

The plot of the first volume is described as:
Whether at the office or at home, corporate drone Yuji Sano works all the time. So when his home PC flashes a message about him being summoned to another world, Yuji restarts his machine…only to find that he’s inadvertently accepted the summons! Now in a fantasy world far removed from paperwork and computers, Yuji has just one thing on his mind: waking up from what he thinks is a dream and getting back to the mountain of work he left behind! But this other world has other plans for Yuji, who quickly discovers his Monster Tamer character class allows him to befriend slimes! And thanks to their number, those slimes help him absorb so much magical knowledge that he gains a second character class in the blink of an eye! How will Yuji wield his power now that he’s the greatest sage the realm has ever known?! And what about all that paperwork?!

Source: Official Twitter
© Shinkoshoto, SB Creative / Tensei Sage Production Committee

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