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Solo Leveling Reveals Episode 2 Preview

Solo Leveling anime revealed a preview for episode 2, which is slated to air on January 13. Last week’s premiere left us on a cliffhanger and hopefully, we will see more action this time around.

Studio A-1 Pictures is animating the adaptation of the webtoon (originally a web novel) by Chugong (original author) and h-goon (adaptation) with art by DUBU (REDICE Studio). Shunsuke Nakashige is directing. The cast includes:

  • Taito Ban/Aleks Le as Sung Jinwoo
  • Genta Nakamura/Justin Briner as Yoo Jinho
  • Reina Ueda/Michelle Rojas as Cha Hae-in
  • Daisuke Hirakawa/Ian Sinclair as Choi Jong-in
  • Hiroki Touchi/Christopher R. Sabat as Baek Yoonho
  • Banjo Ginga/Kent Williams as Go Gunhee
  • Makoto Furukawa/SungWon Cho as Woo Jinchul
  • Haruna Mikawa/Rebecca Wang as Sung Jinah
  • Dani Chambers as Lee Joohee

Crunchyroll will be streaming the Solo Leveling anime. The streaming platform describes the plot:
They say whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but that’s not the case for the world’s weakest hunter Sung Jinwoo. After being brutally slaughtered by monsters in a high-ranking dungeon, Jinwoo came back with the System, a program only he could see, that’s leveling him up in every way. Now, he’s inspired to discover the secrets behind his powers and the dungeon that spawned them.

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