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Solo Leveling Voice Actor Confirmed to Have Coughed Blood After Recording

Quotes from the Solo Leveling world premiere confirm that voice actor Taito Ban went to great lengths for his role as Sung Jinwoo in order to put on a convincing performance. Via Moca News, Ban said, “I believe that this work has an incredible amount of energy. During the recording, I act with the feeling that I could collapse at any moment, and I put my life on the line every time. I have put my heart and soul into this work to the extent that I coughed up blood at the end of one recording session. I think this work is capable of moving the world, so I hope that everyone can enjoy it together!” Anime Corner’s resident Japanese translator, Bushido Samurai, added that Ban’s comments didn’t suggest any serious health issues, but rather highlighted his passion for the role.

Rumors from earlier this month suggested this happened in Solo Leveling‘s fourth episode. As the Solo Leveling episode 4 preview teased another bloody battle, this time versus the King of the Swamp – Blue Venom-Fanged Kasaka, Ban’s range of emotions was on full display.

Fans can vote for Solo Leveling as one of their favorite anime of the Winter 2024 season as always during our weekly polls. The series placed fourth in the rankings for Week 3, making it the only new, non-sequel anime in the top 5. With Ban’s performances being a notable highlight of the series, he sits in a strong position to level up his second-place finish from Winter 2023’s Seiyuu of the Season Rankings.

Fans looking to check out Taito Ban in Solo Leveling can do so at Crunchyroll with new episodes released every Saturday. Crunchyroll describes the series as such:
They say whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but that’s not the case for the world’s weakest hunter Sung Jinwoo. After being brutally slaughtered by monsters in a high-ranking dungeon, Jinwoo came back with the System, a program only he could see, that’s leveling him up in every way. Now, he’s inspired to discover the secrets behind his powers and the dungeon that spawned them.

Source: Moca News
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