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Sora from Kingdom Hearts joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo announced in its final “Mr. Sakurai Presents” program that Sora from Kingdom Hearts will join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game! The Disney-Square Enix character will be the game’s final character and will be released on October 18, 2021.

The program also dramatically revealed Sora’s special trailer which features the iconic “Simple and Clean” theme song. The trailer, “The Last Key,” is available on their Youtube Channel:

According to game director Masahiro Sakurai, he said that Sora was the top character choice in the 2015 Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot. Fast forward to the present, Sora now joins the world of Smash! What’s more, Mr. Sakurai also mentions that he is the “perfect last fighter.” There’s a lot to reminisce about.

Kingdom Hearts first began in 2002 by Disney and Square Enix. It’s a series of action RPG games where you can travel to many different worlds from Disney and Pixar franchises. Although the battle system varies from each game, the story revolves around Sora and his journey as the wielder of the Keyblade.

Sora’s Gameplay in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The program demonstrates the gameplay for Sora in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. His weapon is, of course, the Keyblade. Like his name (Sora means sky), his specialty is airborne fighting. He is light and floaty thus giving him high jumps and far recovery distance. However, this also makes it his weakness because he can easily be pushed out of the stage.

Mr. Sakurai also shows Sora’s in-game combo attacks for ground and aerial attacks, magic attacks, special attacks, and counter-attacks. His moves are very similar to his original gameplay. Sora performs magic attacks such as Firaga, Thundaga, and Blizzaga. Additionally, the side special includes a Sonic Blade, where you can dash to whichever direction three times. (Plus a locked-on component.) Sora’s fighting style is very flexible and is undeniably an exciting addition for plenty of gaming fans.

Moreover, Sora’s character will have four costume designs, a new stage design, and the Final Smash animation “Sealing the Hole” inspired by the original series. The stage background includes Hollow Bastion and “Dive to the Heart” ( Featuring Riku, Roxas, Xion, Terra, Ventus, and Aqua.)

There will also be nine songs in total for Sora. Plus, if you have Save data from Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, players can also receive the iconic song “Dearly Beloved-Swing Version-” in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an extra bonus. Lastly, Sora will have 8 character spirits. The full program is available to watch on Nintendo’s Youtube Channel.

Sora’s DLC Release Date

Sora releases on October 18, 2021, for $5.99 USD. Fans can buy him separately or as part (Challenger Pack 11) of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass vol. 2 for $29.99. Sora’s character completes the pack alongside Kazuya Mishima (Tekken), Min Min (Arms), Steve and Alex (Minecraft), Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII), and Pyra and Mythra (Xenoblade Chronicles 2.) The update will also release new Mii Fighter costumes from Splatoon and Doom Slayer.

Kingdom Hearts is Coming to Switch!

As the program comes to an end, Mr. Sakurai bids farewell and thanks everyone for giving him the honor of developing a game with so many collaborations. He also announces that the Kingdom Hearts series is officially coming to Nintendo Switch!

Furthermore, the official Twitter posted that 3 titles will be released. There will also be new merchandise and a 20th-anniversary event. More details will be available at a later date.

About Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Kingdom Hearts

Super Smash Bros.Ultimate is a cross-over, multiple-player, fighting game where gaming icons clash in the ultimate brawl. It is by Bandai Namco Studios, Sora Ltd., and Nintendo under the direction of Masahiro Sakurai. The game features characters, stages, and music from a wide array of video games.

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Kingdom Hearts is a series of RPG games by Square Enix under the direction of Tetsuya Nomura. It is a collaboration between Square Enix and Disney. Kingdom Hearts follows Sora, the keyblade wielder, as he travels to many worlds with Donald and Goofy. Together, they must stop the Heartless invasion and restore peace by sealing each world with his keyblade. Aside from the games, the series also has a manga adaption by Shiro Amano.

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Source: Final Mr. Sakurai Presents for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Program (Nintendo Youtube Channel)

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