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Summer Time Rendering Episode 3 Preview

Summer Time Rendering anime revealed a preview for episode 3, which will air on April 28 in Japan. The anime is also streaming exclusively on Disney+ and it is still not clear when it will be available outside of Japan. The title of the upcoming episode can be translated as “Drifting Ashore”.

The official website describes the plot of the episode as (spoilers ahead):

Shinpei, was stabbed by Mio’s shadow and repeats July 22 again.
In order to find out the truth about the shadow, he visits the Kobayakawa family, who disappeared the day after Ushio’s funeral. There he encounters the shadow of Shiori Kobayakawa, the girl who was the cause of Ushio’s accident.
Shinpei manages to survive the incident, but with no way out he decided to confide in So.
The day changed to July 24, and it was the Nittogashima Summer Festival. Shinpei enjoys a brief moment of peace and tranquility, but…

Summer Time Rendering also revealed some preview images for episode 3:

The staff for the episode includes:

  • Scriptwriter: Hiroshi Seko
  • Storyboard: Keita Nagahara
  • Director: Toru Ishida
  • Chief animation director: Haruhito Takada

Summer Time Rendering is based on sci-fi, suspense-mystery manga by Yasuki Tanaka. Shounen Jump+ online magazine serialized it from 2017 to 2021. The anime will have 25 episodes, split into two cours. Studio OLM is animating the adaptation, which premiered on April 14.

Source: Official Website
©Yasuki Tanaka/Shueisha, Summer Time Rendering Production Committee

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