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Taito's Desktop Cute & Coreful Albedo Figures Bring The Joy

Taito is showing their love for Nazarick resident succubus with their upcoming Desktop Cute & Coreful Albedo figures. Scheduled for a July to September 2025 release, each figure will set you back a paltry sum of $27. A steal given how beautiful they are. And let me tell you why you need to buy them.

Yes, that’s right, them—not just one, but both. Have you noticed that in movies, when people see UFOs, men in black arrive to threaten witnesses to keep their mouths shut? That’s not how it works in real life. In real life, people are called crazy, so they keep quiet about it. It’s a psyops, always has been.

Do you know what else is a psyops? Calling middle age 45–65 when the global average life span is 71. That means you’re middle-aged at 35. But they lie to you; that way, you keep working and don’t question things until it’s too late. Don’t buy into that; from the moment you’re 25, live like a heathen. Trust me, the odds of you living to regret it are not on your side.

Only about 24% of us will make it to 65; healthy living and a clean heart will do bugger all to get you to 71. But the odds of you having a smile on your face anytime you see the new Taito Coreful Albedo figure in her cute purple and black nightwear (or white nightwear if you want to buy it now) are high.

Do you know what else is high? The price of gas. The chance of you getting a nosebleed when you see Taito’s Desktop Cute Albedo figure in her sexy one-sided Chinese dress. Yes, that’s right, my fellow weebs, one-sides. It’s like a normal dress, but instead of two sides, it has one. Meaning, you can see more than you may be mentally prepared for.

With three seasons, several OVAs, and an upcoming movie under the franchise’s name, Overlord is a perfect example of why you should stay up late playing video games when everyone goes to sleep for work. As a guy sends off his favorite video game by playing it right up to its EOS (he tried it with SIFAS, and yet here I am, no #schoolidols).

He finds himself transported into the game. And once there, what does he do? Harass is a succubus and plots world domination, the dreams of the common man. I haven’t watched Overlord; check it out on Crunchyroll. Already a fan? Then buy the Desktop Cute & Coreful Albedo figures!

Source: Good Smile Company
Pre-order Link: Overlord Desktop Cute Figure – Albedo (Chinese Dress Ver.)
Pre-order Link: Overlord IV Coreful Figure – Albedo (Nightwear Ver.)
©Kugane Maruyama, KADOKAWA / Overlord 4 Production Committee

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