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Takt Op Destiny Anime Trailer Exceeds 1 Million Views

Takt Op Destiny is an upcoming anime project by produced by 2 famous studios, MAPPA and Madhouse. The anime is one of our most anticipated shows of the Fall 2021 season, and it’s set for an October 5 release in Japan. As we wait for an English release date, the Takt Op Destiny trailer video of the original has surpassed 1 million views! It shows some beautiful animation, and you can watch it below:

Ryo from supercell, Mafumafu, and gaku are performing the opening theme titled “Takt”, while Mika Nakashima is singing the ED titled “SYMPHONIA”. Yuki Ito is the director, while Reiko Nagasawa is in charge of character designs. Yoshihiro Ike is composing the music. The story is an original work by Oji Hiori and DeNa. It follows Unmei (Destiny) and Takt, and you can read the synopsis:

With monsters called D2 rampaging all around the world, the only ones who can stop them are young women who hold the power of music, the “Musicart” lead by “Conductors”. The story follows Unmei (Destiny), a girl who wants to destroy the D2, paired with Takt, who aims to bring music back into the world.


The Voice Cast

  • Kouki Uchiyama as Asahina Takt
  • Shion Wakayama as Destiny
  • Kaede Hondo Anna Schneide
  • Miku Ito as Titan
  • Satoshi Hino as Lenny.

Takt: op is a mixed-media project by DeNa and Bandai Namco Art. In addition to the upcoming anime, it also has a game. The trailer for Takt Op Destiny looks beautiful, so it’s no wonder it reached a million views in ~2 and a half months. Let’s hope we get it soon outside of Japan too!

Source: MAPPA YouTube

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