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takt op. Destiny Episode 2 Preview Images Released

The “takt op. Destiny” episode 2 preview is out! Last week, MAPPA and Madhouse studios delivered a stunning first episode. It even gained a spot on our Top Anime Ranking of the week.

In the first episode, we meet the music-obsessed conductor Takt, robotic Musicart Cosette, and their stressed friend, Anna. The goal is to drive all the way to Symphonica in New York City! At the same time, they must defeat the D2 monsters so that music can return to the world once more. Can the trio get to New York City without any more distractions?

For the next episode, the website released a teaser description and six preview images for the second episode titled, “Reincarnation-“. It teases the backstory of the world’s history as well as Takt and Cosette’s past. In addition, another “takt op. Destiny” episode 2 preview is also posted on their Twitter:

takt op. Destiny Episode 2 Release Date

Episode 2 of “takt Op. Destiny” will air on October 12, at 24:00 JST, while the subtitled version will stream an hour later on Crunchyroll and VRV. You can also watch it on Ani-one, and Amazon in select regions. If you enjoy it, don’t forget to vote for it in our weekly poll!


Set in New York City, in the year 2047. The world was destroyed in a war with a mysterious monster D2, which was created out of Black Night Meteorite that fell from the sky. Magical girls, “Musicarts” fight against the monster, while being led by the “Conductor”. Their goal is to bring music back to the destroyed world.

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