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Tensura: ISEKAI Memories Releases Anime Trailer

The upcoming mobile game Tensura: ISEKAI Memories just released an anime-like preview trailer! The one-minute animated trailer by Studio 8bit features the story and characters of the mobile game. This 3D battle RPG game is based on the anime series “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”. Aside from it delving into the world of Tempest, it will also have original stories and characters. The game’s pre-registration began last month and is still currently ongoing.

As of writing, there are no English subtitles available. The Tensura: ISEKAI Memories trailer is on Bandai’s YouTube Channel:

Introducing the Game

Alongside the Tensura: ISEKAI Memories anime trailer, a new Game Introduction video is also now available to watch on the channel. In the video, Rimuru and Veldora give a quick rundown of the game’s system. These include the turn-based battle system, nation-building, reliving old and new stories, and many more! Rimuru and Veldora continue to tease some interesting plot twists. In the end, they say that the answers to our questions lie within the mobile game.

Check out the Game Introduction video below:

New Key Visual

Furthermore, a new key visual for Tensura: ISEKAI Memories was unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show. The visual will appear when you first log in to the game. Lastly, the website reveals a special sneak peek video of in-game Milim in battle.

New Key Visual

The game is set to launch in 2021. Incidentally, there is also a time-limited collaboration with the RPG game Ragnarok.

“Tensura” for short, is a light novel by Fuse. Mitz Vah is the illustrator of the light novel. It follows the story of how Mikami Satoru reincarnates to another world as a slime monster. He eventually obtains the name Rimuru and begins his quest to create a world that’s welcoming to all races. The title also has a manga adaption by Taiki Kawakami, spin-offs, and an anime adaption by 8bit as well. A video game adaption by Bandai Namco is coming in 2021.

Tune in for more exciting news about anime and gaming!

Source: Tensura: ISEKAI Memories Official Website

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