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The Apothecary Diaries Episode 24 – A Beautiful Finale

The Apothecary Diaries episode 24 delivered what I believe is a spectacular ending to what has been a very wonderful series. As I write my final review, I have to say that the story has been such a joy to go along with and it makes me really happy that this gem of an anime is given such a nicely crafted ending.

You see, episode 24 is the perfect send-off: not just in the sense that Lakan and Fengxian have found each other again or that Maomao dedicated a dance, but because the episode itself is very well-paced and rounded. Everything has come full circle, from Lakan’s story arc to Jinshi and Maomao’s relationship, and even the insert song from episode 12 that’s been reprised. What’s also brilliant about this finale is that, unlike previous episodes, it presents itself as straightforward, so the storytelling comes easily. Through that change of simplicity, the beauty of the final chapter tugs at our heartstrings in such an honest, more passionate way. In a way, it’s quite magical actually. And to top it off, a Season 2 announcement!

That said, I find that the finale is wholly satisfying and moving. Lakan’s story may be bittersweet but it’s the closure of that “better late than never” that makes it very impactful. Not to mention, we see how Maomao isn’t as emotionally blind as she makes herself to be; rather, she just doesn’t know what to make of her own emotions and relationships, including how she sees Jinshi. The finale low-key emphasizes this strange yet delicate part of her character and how it has grown a little bit, whether she realizes it or not. 

Maomao was the one who kickstarted this whole reunion, but it was Meimei who saw the whole thing through. I also don’t believe that her tears were because she was brokenhearted for losing the chance to be redeemed by a man she’s grown familiar with, but rather, she just really cared deeply for these two lost lovers. Meimei deserves the Best Girl award.

While Lakan and Fengxian’s reunion is the highlight of The Apothecary Diaries episode 24, the finale also subtly underscores Maomao’s recognition of her own feelings. The dance scene that follows is by far my favorite thing to watch in this series. The fluidity of the animation, the camera panning, the spins and twirls, the dress, details, and starry night, and just the overall quality — it made for such an iconic and breathtaking moment in the anime. On a deeper layer, this moment is the culmination of many things and we see that this dance is the most expressive and real the apothecary has ever been. Every movement conveys the story of her life and her feelings, and ultimately, this dance is a bittersweet celebration and farewell of love lost and love found.

As for Jinshi, well, this is obviously one of those scenes where he is unknowingly falling deeply in love with her (I have to say I prefer the light novel and manga illustrations). The chain of events here is perfectly endearing. My heart is full of warmth and my soul with cheer. The finale fully encapsulates how their relationship has grown. After 24 episodes, their bond feels so nurtured and familiar.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again — The Apothecary Diaries episode 24 is a brilliant finale. From the lovely music to the marvelous visuals, the overall sequence is simple yet so deeply beautiful. The way season began with its disconnected mysteries, then making us dislike Lakan’s evil and creepy character, to making us sympathize with his revelating heart-wrenching story, and finally an emotional conclusion. It also lets us in onto the little nuances between Jinshi and Maomao’s personalities, and why they are perfect for each other. This series easily wins my anime of the season.

I highly recommend rewatching the second opening theme to see all the references in the second cour, as well as the entire season to see the foreshadowing. For those who want to continue the series, you can either continue to the light novel (Volume 3) via J-Novel Club or the Square Enix manga (Volume 8, Chapter 40) via Square Enix Books. 

The Apothecary Diaries is streaming on Netflix and Crunchyroll.
© Natsu Hyuga/Imagika Foss/”The Apothecary Diaries” Production Committee

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