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The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 Episode 2 – Like a Married Couple

Episode 2 of The Dangers In My Heart Season 2 is finally out and in my previous review, I predicted that Yamada and Ichikawa would hug each other and warm themselves up. Despite this, I still had the surprised Pikachu expression all over my face when they did the hug. I also want to point out that this might have the weakest karte scene yet in the entire series, but it’s not entirely bad since the episode continues the consistent, well-paced narrative. Regardless, the episode was as amazing as ever.

Titled “I’m Growing Up,” the episode greatly portrays the two dealing with their insecurities, puberty, and emotions. As a bonus, the two seemed like a married couple on this one. The way Yamada cared for Ichikawa like a wife was really cute. When she cooked for him, prepared his clothes, and even dressed adorably just for him to see, it was very sweet of her. It shows how much she likes Ichikawa and not only just to some degree. Not to mention, she “accidentally” pins down Ichikawa on her bed to avoid seeing the bottle that he gave Yamada in episode 6 of the first season. Amidst these touching scenes in the episode, my personal favorite was Yamada opening up to Ichikawa about her insecurities, and here’s why.

From the beginning of the series, Yamada has been presented as this “perfect girl.” She’s like the epitome of perfection—beautiful, popular, and possessing a seemingly ideal personality. However, we discovered that Yamada is just your average girl. She’s not particularly exceptional at anything, not at the top of her class, doesn’t possess any talent or skill, and she struggles to read social cues. She just has that model body which is why a lot think she’s perfect but in reality, she’s far from it and that’s okay. As Focalors from Genshin Impact would say, “Her very imperfections are what make her perfect,” which is why despite all of this, her charm truly lies in her imperfect personality.

Ichikawa is also in the same boat as Yamada. While initially portrayed as a nerdy and socially awkward boy, he too defied expectations. As the narrative progressed, we saw his caring and empathetic side, challenging the stereotype attached to him. This is the strength of the narrative of The Dangers In My Heart. What might seem to be two middle schoolers who are living entirely different worlds, but in the end, they are pretty much alike. At the end of the day, they’re both your average cringy middle schoolers, and I think it’s beautiful that they found each other.

Overall, The Dangers In My Heart Season 2 episode 2 was a great follow-up. It drew us closer to the main characters and we actually got a preview of them as a married couple. I also would like to mention how great Shun Horie’s voice acting was when Ichikawa was dealing with the change of his voice. The voice actor did well in portraying the self-conscious phase that each guy had to go through, almost like he dug into his past and just internalized it for that scene. Lastly, we get to see Yamada’s dad (or should I say “Yamadad?”) and his appearance solves the case of why Anna is such a tall girl.

The Dangers in My Heart Season 2 is streaming on Bilibili and HIDIVE.
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