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The Day I Became a God | Jun Maeda's New Project Announced!

Jun Maeda, mostly known for Angel Beats and Clannad, is here with another project that will make you cry from the bottom of your heart!

As we all know, Jun Maeda is a cofounder of Key studios which provided us with a number of great “nakige” visual novels. In case you have not heard about his projects, here are some of Key Studio’s works!

When you hear the name “Jun Maeda” or “Studio Key”, one of the first anime titles that come to mind is, obviously, Angel Beats! That show made a number of anime fans all around the world cry with the drama aspect is presented. If you haven’t watched it yet – what are you doing? Go and catch up since you missed a great show which is actually pretty short ( it’s 13 episodes long).

Another anime title that comes up to your mind upon hearing “Key Studio” is, of course, Clannad. This show is also listed by the community as a “classic” that everyone in the anime community should watch! It’s a great drama/romance that is widely known for its anime adaptation (2 seasons – 47 episodes in total) that originated, just like Angel Beats!, from a Visual Novel of the same name (it’s more than 50 hours long if you want to play it!).

Air is also one of Jun Maeda’s beloved works! Just like the previous two it is a drama/romance story that got an anime adaptation (12 episodes long). If you plan on watching the show prepare a box of tissues cause you will end up crying for sure.

Today, 10th of May that is, new Jun Maeda’s project has been announced and it’s title is “The Day I Became a God”.

It’s the third original anime project with the 3 company (Key x ANIPLEX x P.A.Works). Character design by Na-Ga original story and script by Jun Maeda! A new key visual and trailer has also been revealed.

Image via Twitter (@PAWORKS_eng)

Broadcast for “The Day I Became a God” is set for October 2020.

Source: P.A. WORKS Official Twitter, @kamisama_Ch_AB

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