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The Detective is Already Dead 3rd PV With Opening Song Released

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On June 26, 2021, a special broadcast for the upcoming “The Detective is Already Dead” anime revealed its 3rd PV. In case you missed it, the official website released the first promotional video on March 7, and the second one on June 5, 2021.

Also, you can watch the third promotional video of the anime below:

The Detective is Already Dead 3rd PV

The new trailer features its opening song titled “I Live Here”. MARY x jon-YAKITORY performed the song. The series will premiere on July 4, 2021, with a 1-hour long special first episode.

Furthermore, new character designs, and voice actors were also revealed. You can see them below:

Kase Fuubi character design

Mai Fuchigami as Kase Fuubi

Bat character design

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Bat

What’s more, you can also check out the latest key visual of the show:

Latest key visual of “The Detective is Already Dead”

In addition, if you can read more information about “The Detective is Already Dead” anime.

In case you are not aware about the anime’s story, here is the synopsis:

The story of Tantei wa mou, Shindeiru. follows Kimihiko Kimitsuka, a young man who four years ago became the assistant of a mysterious detective known as “Siesta” on a hijacked airplane. Together, Kimihiko and Siesta went on mind-boggling, globe-trotting adventures while combatting a secret organization. But all of that came to an end when they were separated by Siesta’s death. In the present day, Kimihiko tries to return to an ordinary, boring life as a high school student. But things are never that simple, even though the detective is already dead. 

Source: Tanmoshi official website, Tanmoshi official Twitter
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