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The Honor at the Magic High School Episode 2 Preview Images Released

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The official Twitter account released some preview images from “The Honor at the Magic High School” Episode 2. The anime spin-off streamed its first episode on July 3, 2021. We got to see a badass Miyuki in action, proving that she is not to be underestimated!

You can also check out the preview images for Episode 2 of “The Honor at the Magic High School” below:

In the preview images, we get to see some of the characters we already know from the main story. Also, yet again, I have to say that Miyuki looks extremely cute in one of the images! The second episode will air on July 10, 2021. You can watch the show on Funimation!

In case you don’t know what “The Honor at Magic High School” is about, you can read Funimation’s synopsis below:

Nearly a century after magic was recognized as a real form of technology, Miyuki Shiba begins her term at Magic High School. An “honor” student, she dreamed of enjoying school with her older brother Tatsuya, an “irregular” student. But a rift between the gifted Course 1 students and the inferior Course 2 students could stand in the way. This time, Miyuki is the star of the show!

Source: Official Twitter
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