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The Irregular At Magic High School: Light Novel Ends After 9 Years

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The Irregular At Magic High School light novel series has ended today, September 10, 2020 after 9 years of publication. It originally started as a web novel written by Tsutomu Satō. He reached a deal with Dengeki Bunko and began releasing his work in a light novel format in July 2011. The illustrations for the light novel are done by Kana Ishida. It has 32 volumes, with the final one released today.

The official cover of Volume 32 of The Irregular at Magic High School light novel

Although the original has concluded, a direct sequel + spin-off have already been officially confirmed.:

  • The sequel is titled “Sequel – The Irregular At Magic High School Magian Company“. Its first volume will release on October 10th, and it will follow the students who graduate from Tatsuya’s high school.
  • The spin-off is titled “New – The Irregular at Magic High School Maidens of Cygnus“. It will premiere in Winter 2021 and follow the students who stay in the high school after the seniors graduate.

The popular franchise already got an anime adaptation back in 2014, while Season 2 premieres on October 3rd this year. It is titled “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Raihousha-hen” and will adapt the Visitor Arc of the novels. You can also check out the trailer here.

Congratulations to the author and all the staff involved as well! I can’t wait to watch the second season of the anime and will definitely check out the sequel novel when it’s out!

Source: @dengeki_mahouka
Thumbnail: Illustration by Kana Ishida

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