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The Title For The New Love Live! Series Project Has Been Announced

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The new title for the latest Love Live! anime project has been announced and it will be titled as Love Live! Superstar!! featuring the students of Yuigaoka Girls’ High School.

There will be a campaign to determine their group name and the Yuigaoka emblem. The information for the new Love Live! Anime is still light as of the moment, more information will be in the Love Live! Days magazine that will be out on July 15, 2020. The registration for the audition has ended.

Their heights have also been added to their character profiles
Shibuya Kanon – 159cm
Tang Keke – 159cm
Arashi Chisato – 155cm
Heanna Sumire – 161cm
Hazuki Ren – 163cm
You can check their whole character profile in the link below.

Watch The Promotional Video Here

Source: Love Live! Official Japanese Website

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