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TheAnimeMen Dance to "Bling Bang Bang Born" in Fan-Made Music Video

TheAnimeMen, a six-piece group of avid anime fans and content creators, recently released their a fan-made music video of the Japanese hit song “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” by Creepy Nuts. Gianni Sirgy directed the music video with Oliver Rudolph as the photography director, Evan Swords as the creative director, and Cole Takayama as the producer.

The video features fast-paced vibrancy as the members sing, dance, and vibe to the beat of the Mashle anime theme song in unexpected settings. It also includes comical anime and pop culture references, as well as some notable and entertaining cameos by popular content creators. Watch TheAnimeMen’s “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” music video:

TheAnimeMen are made up of Ethan Chambers, Ridan Santana, Sam Giroud, Kaide Warde, Jeremy Yu, and Gianni Sirgy. The special cameos include creators Lance Baker, Missy, Kazumi, Emma Magnolia, Shlatfish, Hayden Jang, Scum bag dad, Brown Bakugo, Anthpo, 8ily, Justin Han, King Chris, Emirichu, CdawgVA, Moist critical, and Shy Lily. Some of the references in the video are ONE PIECE, Oshi no Ko, Jujutsu Kaisen, the Harlem Shake, Gangnam Style, LEGO, Initial D, Walter White, Bob Ross, and many more. As of writing, the video has reached over 10 million views.

The original duo also responded to the fan-made music video. The lively, fun, and free-spirited music video echoes the core message of the “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” song, which Creepy Nuts describes: “Basically, the song is about it’s best to be yourself, like flexing naturally, or something like that. But of course, even though we put efforts in writing its lyrics and music, it’s still a song that can be enjoyed without worrying about such things.”

Creepy Nuts’ response to TheAnimeMen’s “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” Music Video

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TheAnimeMen are a bunch of friends who love goofing around while making videos about anime. Their online community has built about 8 million followers around their love for all things anime and Japanese music. Their goal is to bring Japanese and Asian music to the U.S. scene, making it a part of everyday life. Some of their previous music videos include “Racing Into The Night” by YOASOBI, Evangelion‘s theme “The Cruel Angel’s Thesis” by Yoko Takahashi, and Beastars‘ theme “Wild Side” by ALI. Meta, Sony Music, Crunchyroll, and Aniplex are among their partnered companies.

Creepy Nuts is a hip-hop unit consisting of rapper R-Shitei and the DMC World DJ Championships 2019 winner, DJ Matsunaga. They previously sang Call of The Night‘s theme songs “Datenshi” (Fallen Angel) and “Yofukashi no Uta” (Call of the Night). They were featured again in the Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2 opening theme titled “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born.” The song has taken the airwaves by storm, staying 8 weeks at the top of Billboard Japan’s Hot 100 with over 260 million streams. The catchy song and iconic dance have also become a viral sensation on TikTok creations and other social media, including the Mashle cast. The song is available to stream on multiple platforms.

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© Hajime Komoto / Shueisha/Mashle Production Committee; ©TheAnimeMen 2023

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