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To Be Hero X Gets Teaser Trailer, Visual; Hiroyuki Sawano To Compose Main Theme

The upcoming To Be Hero X donghua series has released a new teaser trailer and visual, months after a concept trailer and visual were unveiled in March this year. It has been also announced that Hiroyuki Sawano will be composing the series’ main theme song, although details on it have yet to be announced.

To Be Hero X anime – Teaser Trailer

BeDream is joining Bilibili and Aniplex in producing the series, while Studio LAN and Paper Plane Animation are animating the series. Li Haoling, founder of Haoliners Animation League and director of the currently airing Chinese animated series Link Click, will be directing it. It is worth noting that this is not the first time Haoling and Sawano will be involved in an animation project together, as Haolin directed the CG animation for the “Light and Shadow” trailer for League of Legends’s Star Guardian event. Hawano did the soundtrack for the said trailer.

To Be Hero X anime – Teaser Visual

To Be Hero X is the sequel to the original 2016 series To Be Hero, which was also animated by Studio LAN, produced by Haoliners Animation League, and supervised by Shinichi Watanabe. The series had several modifications for its Japan release, including a separate Japanese cast, as well as unique opening themes. It’s worth noting that this is a sequel: the first one was from 2018 and titled To Be Heroine. It was directed by Li Haoling and animated by Studio LAN and Haoliners Animation League.

Crunchyroll licensed the original To Be Hero anime outside of China and Japan, describing the plot as:
The protagonist, Old Man, is very attractive but a terrible slob, a failure as a father, and works as a toilet seat designer. He is divorced from his wife, and lives with his daughter, Min-chan, who is both very smart and athletic.
One day, as he was taking a dump, he was sucked into his toilet and given the important job of becoming a hero to save the world! He ends up having to give up his good looks for a chubby frame in exchange.
Old Man’s battle to protect the Earth and Min-chan is about to start…

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