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Tomodachi Game Reveals Preview for Episode 10

The preview for episode 10 of Tomodachi Game is here. The new episode will air on June 7. Tenji is still hiding and Yuichi is plotting something.

The official website describes the plot of episode 10 as:
After fending off the watchful eyes of the K group, Yuichi finally succeeds in delivering food to Tenji.
Meanwhile, Maria, who was pushed off a cliff by Yuichi, grows closer to the boys who saved her.
However, this was a set-up by Yuichi, meant to destroy the relationships in the K group.

Watch the preview video for episode 10 of Tomodachi Game:

In addition to the video, the Tomodachi Game website also revealed preview images for the upcoming episode:

Crunchyroll is streaming the anime. The plot follows Yuichi Katagiri, a high school student who values friendship above all else. He was living a fulfilling, quiet life with his friends Tenji, Shiho, Makoto, and Yutori until a large debt forced them to play a game in order to pay it off. The only way to clear this game is to never doubt your friends. For these 5 it sounds easy but soon dark secrets come to light.

Source: Official TwitterOfficial Website
© Mikoto Yamaguchi, Yuki Sato, Kodansha / “Tomodachi Game” Production Committee

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