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Tono to Inu Anime Reveals October Premiere Date in Teaser Trailer

The Tono to Inu anime adaptation has revealed a teaser trailer, along with an October 2024 premiere date. The trailer introduces the adorable protagonist dog, and you can check it out below.

Tono to Inu – Anime Teaser Trailer | October 2024 Premiere Date

Tono to Inu (The Lord and the Dog) is a Japanese manga series written and drawn by Rie Nishida. It originally began as a short-term serialization on Flex Comix’s Comic Polaris website in March 2021. It then continued to be serialized in October 2021, getting collected into three compilation volumes as of February 2024. The anime adaptation was announced back in January.

The official Comic Polaris website describes the story:
A Tale from the Age of Warring States—once a time of fierce, god-like warriors. But that era is now a thing of the past.
Living in a poor tenement house, the once mighty Lord has fallen from grace.
One day, this lord meets a Dog with short legs and an odd appearance.
Pitying the dog, the lord takes it in, but finds himself overwhelmed by his new mischievous retainer’s antics…!?
“What is this!? Can dogs even do this!??”
Witness the peaceful yet dynamic life of a stern lord and his cheerful dog retainer!

Source: Official Website
©Rie Nishida, COMIC Polaris/Lord and Dog Production Committee

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