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Top 10 Anime of Spring 2020 Poll Results

As you may have probably noticed, we’ve conducted our very first Anime of the Season polls for Spring 2020 and released the results for Top 10 on our social platforms. Our idea was to gather everyone’s opinions on their most beloved show of the season and see which anime was the favorite among all our viewers and fans. We are very grateful for every vote that you guys have sent. We’ve done our best to screen out both spam and fake votes to keep the poll as accurate as possible.

In case you haven’t heard of us before, we are Anime Corner, an independent media and community platform established in 2012. With over more than half a million followers on Facebook, we’ve been working hard to provide fans with active seasonal content on social media platforms for years.

*Please note that the featured shows are the favorites for the Spring 2020 season as voted by viewers and fans. It isn’t an objective ranking and shouldn’t affect your decision to watch shows that placed below the Top 10. Each show has its own distinct style and everybody’s taste in anime is different. Rankings have been rounded off to 2 decimal places.

The results for Top 10 Anime of Spring 2020 can be seen in the following graphic:

Top 10 Anime of the Spring 2020 Season (Fan-voted Results)

The remaining results for all the shows included as a choice in our polls are as follows:

11th place – The 8th son? Are you kidding me? – 2.63% of the votes

12th place – Tsugu Tsugumomo – 1.62% of the votes

13th place – BNA: Brand New Animal – 1.46% of the votes

14th place – Shironeko Project: Zero Chronicle – 1.32% of the votes

15th place – Wave, Listen to Me – 1.23% of the votes

16th place – Argonavis from BanG Dream – 0.84% of the votes

17th place – Dropkick on my Devil!! Season 2 – 0.80% of the votes

18th place – Listeners – 0.74% of the votes

19th place – Shachou, Battle no Jikan desu! – 0.67% of the votes

20th place – Tamayomi – 0.65% of the votes

21st place – Sakura Wars the Animation – 0.48% of the votes

22nd place – Kitsutsuki Tantei Dokoro – 0.31% of the votes

23rd place – Shadowverse – 0.26% of the votes

Again we are extremely thankful for every vote that has been cast. If you didn’t make it in time to vote on your favorite show, rest assured as our polls will not be a one-time thing. You can now vote for the Top 10 Weekly Anime Series of Summer 2020 on polls.animecorner.me

We also thank our subsidiary networks AniRadio+ and Setsu-Ani, for their promotional support.

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