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Top 5 Anime Openings of Summer 2020

As the Summer 2020 anime series reach their halfway mark and climaxes, it’s perhaps time to revisit their epic openings to remind yourself of the adventure you had with those series.

I am Neru, a new writer at Anime Corner, and this post is my list of anime openings from Summer 2020 that I really liked! Please note that there is no particular order to this list, I like all of these openings equally!

Cardfight!! Vanguard Gaiden: If

“What-If Wonderland!!” by Argonavis

Album: Hoshi ga Hajimaru

Release Date: April 29, 2020

Where to buy (internationally): CDJapan

Argonavis is a band under the BanG Dream franchise, AASide (pronounced double a-side). However, they are not in the same universe as the BanG Dream girls. Argonavis has 5 members: Nanahoshi Ren (CV: Masahiro Itou), Matoba Wataru (CV: Maeda Seiji), Goryo Yuto (CV: Hyuuga Daisuke), Kikyo Rio (CV: Morishima Shuuta), and Shiroishi Banri (CV: Hashimoto Shouhei). They have an anime called Argonavis from BanG Dream and was part of the spring 2020 lineup, so if you haven’t you might want to check their anime out! In addition to having their own anime, they also hold concerts! All the voice actors can play their character’s respective instruments and are all super talented. You can catch their upcoming SOL (Sound Only Live) in December, if you’re interested!

As for the song itself, I really like how cheerful it is. I also really loved how the song goes super well with the animation. All of the characters are so smiley and cheerful, and when paired with “What-If Wonderland” the opening looks and sounds so appealing. I really watched this opening on repeat for an entire day when I saw it. Argonavis really brought “What-If Wonderland” to life!

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu S2

“Realize” by Konomi Suzuki

Album: Realize

Release Date: August 26, 2020

Where to Buy (internationally): CDJapan

Konomi Suzuki strikes again! I first heard of her from No Game No Life with her song “This Game”. First I would like to point out how in love I am with her vocals. She never fails to deliver when she comes out with new singles. But then again, this is The Konomi Suzuki we’re talking about, of course there are no flops. From her first single “Choir Jail” in 2012 (Dusk Maiden of Amnesia anime opening, ranked 34th on Oricon Charts) now to “Realize” in 2020, she has really slayed all her songs. In addition to that, she also delivered the Re:Zero anime openings beautifully. Both “Redo” and “Realize” are absolute bops (Don’t get me wrong, “Paradisus-Paradoxum” is amazing too!)

Now to go deeper into “Realize”, even the beginning of the song is a bop. Yes, even the instrumental part in the very beginning. Then Konomi Suzuki starts singing and I am thrown into awe. How can she reach all those high notes flawlessly? “Realize” has super powerful vocals and I’m in love with it. Powerful vocals? Yes, please! Thank you, Konomi Suzuki for delivering this beautiful song to us!

Enen no Shouboutai: Ni no Shou

“SPARK-AGAIN” by Aimer


Release Date: September 9, 2020

Where to Buy (internationally): CDJapan

It’s Aimer! Ok but Aimer songs are always amazing. They constantly blow my mind with how catchy they are. Her voice is very unique too, it’s very easy to tell it apart from other singers. Aimer has always been on the music path, taking after her father who was in a band. She studied hard in music starting from a young age. Playing instruments like piano and guitar and even writing her own lyrics! In 2011, her first single came out and that started her road to fame. Aimer started delivering bops after bops and now we’re here with “SPARK-AGAIN”! Aimer is also… very beautiful, she’s so pretty. So pretty…

“SPARK-AGAIN” really stands out because of Aimer’s unique voice. Plus, this song is super catchy. The guitar in the back plus Aimer’s voice? Beautiful. “SPARK-AGAIN” really fits Enen no Shouuboutai… like the lyrics themselves fit already. “With a spark, it fires up”. Even the title itself already fits well with the main plot of the anime. This anime opening is a whole bop, and I don’t think you can argue otherwise. I don’t think Enen no Shouboutai will ever have bad anime openings. From “Inferno” to “SPARK-AGAIN”, it’s just bops after bops and I’m here for it!

Kanojo, Okarishimasu

“Centimeter” by the peggies

Album: Centimeter

Release Date: August 26, 2020

Where to Buy: CDJapan

Have you watched Bunny Girl Senpai? Yeah? Well, then you should already be familiar with the peggies! The peggies sang “Kimi no Sei” which was used as the Bunny Girl Senpai opening! The peggies formed in 2011 and has 3 members: Kitazawa Yuuho (vocals and guitar), Ishiwata Makiko aka Megamakiko (bass), and Onuki Miku aka Minimiku (drums). They are a rock band that really knows how to rock our world with their music! The talent… we have no choice but to stan.

“Centimeter” is such amazing karaoke material. It’s a slower song that is on the softer side. However, that’s the charm of the song. Kanokari is a shoujo anime so “Centimeter” really fits the theme the opening is going for. Plus, have you seen the lyrics? The lyrics really reflect the anime. Kitazawa Yuuho going off with those vocals. Her vocals in “Centimeter” is so beautiful. Her guitar too, it really compliments her vocals, I love it. Megamakiko and Minimiku on the bass and drums really helping the vocals stand out too. Stan, stan, stan! Would totally play this song on repeat because it’s so catchy.

Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of the Underworld S2

“ANIMA” by ReoNa

Album: ANIMA

Release Date: July 22,2020

Where to Buy (internationally): CDJapan

Wait, hold on. You’re telling me that ReoNa is only 21? Hold on, is that talent I hear? Yes. ReoNa first started out as a cosplayer, with a dream to become a singer for anime. And guess what? She made it! She got the role of the singing voice of Elsa from Sword Art Online: Gun Gale Online. That was in 2017, fast forward to 2020, she’s now the singer of the an opening for SAO. Working hard for your dreams really works, and ReoNa really is proof of that. Want to hear some of ReoNa’s covers? Check out her Youtube channel! There are so many gems waiting to be uncovered!

“ANIMA” landed 4th on the Oricon Charts when first released. I think that really conveys how amazing this song is. “ANIMA” doesn’t pale in comparison to the previous anime openings for SAO. It has powerful instrumentals paired with ReoNa’s power ful vocals. What a win. Plus the lyrics are super meaningful and fits very well with the anime. Like searching for the soul, did you mean: Kirito? NOOO I’m just kidding! (Am I wrong though wink wink). Skipping this opening is not an option, sorry! How can you skip such a bop?


What are your thoughts on the Summer 2020 openings? Which ones did you like (maybe you agree with my list?)? If you haven’t heard some of the ones on my list, I really suggest that you try them out! I promise you, you will not regret listening to them!

Sources: Anison Preview and CDJapan

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