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Toru Furuya Apologizes After Affair With Younger Fan Comes to Light

Voice actor Toru Furuya apologized on his official Twitter/X axcount after Japanese tabloid magazine Bunshun published a story about 70-year-old’s affair with a younger fan. His agency, Aoni Production, also issued an official apology on its website.

According to Bunshun’s report, the 37-year-old woman revealed that her relationship with Furuya, spanning four and a half years, resulted in her pregnancy. She also stated that she was coerced into getting an abortion. Their relationship lasted until September of last year

Furuya confirmed the allegations in his statement. He says he was drawn to her support as a fan and started a relationship with her. He also admitted to “regretfully raising his hand against her” during an argument. He ended his statement by sincerely apologizing for pressuring her to have an abortion, hurting her both physically and mentally, and disappointing and betraying the trust of his fans. The voice actor also stated that he is “prepared to receive any punishment.”

Toru Furuya’s Statement via X

Toru Furuya is a veteran Japanese voice actor known for his roles as Amuro Ray of the Gundam franchise, Seiya in Saint Seiya (1986), Sabo in One Piece, Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon (1992), and Rei Furuya/Toru Amuro in Detective Conan. He was married to fellow veteran voice actress Mami Koyama, who voiced Big Mom in One Piece, until their divorce in 1983. He remarried former Aoni talent and retired voice actress Satomi Majima in 1985. His most recent roles include Dale in Fluffy Paradise and the narrator in Highspeed Etoile.

Source: Toru Furuya Official X

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