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Trillion Game Anime Reveals Haru Character Trailer

The Trillion Game anime has revealed a new character trailer focusing on one of the two main characters, Haru Tennoji. Studio MADHOUSE is animating the show, which will premiere this October. Takeo Otsuka voices Haru, and you can meet the character in his trailer below.

Trillion Game Anime – Haru Character Trailer

Shoya Ishige voice the other main character Manabu Taira, while Hiroki Tochi (as Kazuki Kedoin) and Yuki Tanaka (as Rinrin Takahashi) are also part of the cast. The main Trillion Game anime staff includes Yuzo Sato as the director, Ryunosuke Kingetsu in charge of the series composition, Kei Tsuchiya as the character designer and Takurou Iga on the music.

Ryoichi Ikegami draws the Trillion Game manga, while the story is written by the Dr. STONE creator Riichiro Inagaki. It has been serialized in Shogakukan’s Big Comic Superior magazine since December 2020. The manga received a television drama adaptation, which premiered in July 2023 and ran for 10 episodes.

The story follows two young men, Haru and Gaku, who go on a journey to become rich. Haku is a badass with a quick mind and wit, while Gaku is a timid computer geek who is not very good at talking to people. They end up as friends due to an incident at school. A few years later, Gaku becomes a university student and starts looking for a job, but he fails all of his job interviews due to his personality. As he works part-time as a window washer a major company he had set his heart on, Haru asks him to start a business together. And so the two begin an unpredictable entrepreneurial survival game to earn a trillion dollars and run away with everything in the world!

Trillion Game – Anime Visual

The anime previously revealed the main trailer and information in March.

Source: Official Website
©Riichiro Inagaki, Ryoichi Ikegami / Shogakukan

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