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TTRacing Unveils One Piece Gaming Chair Collaboration

Set sail for adventure! TTRacing has announced its latest gaming chair collaboration with ONE PIECE. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the series, TTRacing promises to transport fans into the heart of the Straw Hat crew’s legendary pirate adventures through its exclusive gaming chair collection.

In partnership with Toei Animation, the TTRacing and ONE PIECE gaming chairs bring the members of the Straw Hat pirates to life in a collection that embodies the spirit of adventure and friendship. They describe them as ergonomic gaming chairs that carry Luffy’s unbreakable will and freedom-seeking journey, Zoro’s unwavering focus and masterful craftmanship, Nami’s unwavering navigation and tactical genius, and Chopper’s iconic enduring support and reliability.

The TTRacing ONE PIECE gaming chairs retail for between ₱$7,699 – ₱$16,499 and will include the: Maxx – Luffy Edition, Surge X Zoro Edition, Swift X 2020 Nami Edition, and the vibrant Duo V4 Chopper Edition. A detailed model comparison of the chairs is available on their website. The features are described:

  • ONE PIECE designs precision stitched with the distinctive map of the Grand Line, so set sail with the crew on an unforgettable adventure!
  • Upholstered in breathable Air Threads Fabric and soft velour that offers durability and comfort tailored for demanding gaming marathons
  • Equipped with 4D adjustable armrests with neck and lumbar pillow for support
  • Luffy comes with a complimentary Straw Hat gift, and Zoro with his iconic bandana

TTRacing ONE PIECE Gaming Chair Collection Visual

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TTRacing is a leading provider of premium gaming chairs, ergonomic desks, office chairs, and other comfort peripherals tailored to enhance the comfort experience for enthusiasts worldwide. Every product is designed to be a great companion for long gaming sessions or extended working hours. The company is dedicated to developing high-quality chairs and desks that create a seamless seating experience for its users, founded on the belief that a good posture can positively impact one’s overall well-being. TTRacing has a notable lineup of collaborations, including Marvel and Star Wars,

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