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Uncle from Another World Anime Gets Collaborative Visuals with Handyman Saito in Another World

Uncle from Another World and the upcoming Handyman Saito in Another World posted collaborative visuals on Wednesday. Atelier Pontdarc is animating the Uncle from Another World anime adaptation, which will be concluded with the 13th episode on December 29, while C2C is working on the adaptation of Handyman Saito in Another World which has a January 8 premiere date.

In the newly-posted visuals, the Uncle (right) and the Gramps named Morlock (left) swapped places, and the titles have also been changed to “Gramps from Another World” (left) and “SEGA Loving Uncle in Another World” (right). The text in the left picture is the Gramps’ line “Ohohoho~ there are a lot of pretty ladies”, while the right one captions the situation as “The Uncle has finally got his party members…?!”:

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Uncle from Another World anime is based on Hotondoshinderu’s manga of the same name that is currently being serialized on WebComic A’PANTA service. The manga released the latest, 8th volume in August 2022 and surpassed 3 million circulating copies. Yen Press has licensed the manga for English releases and released the 5th volume in August 2022. The official website describes the first volume as:
Seventeen years ago, Takafumi’s uncle fell into a coma, but now he’s back like a man risen from his grave. Soon, Takafumi discovers two bizarre things: His uncle treasures video games above all else, and, while comatose, he was actually transported to another world as some heroic guardian! Now, not only does Takafumi have to room with an uncle who is literally magical, he also has to catch the guy up on two decades of history—smartphones, high-speed internet, modern anime tropes…and the traumatic outcome of the ’90s console war!

Handyman Saito in Another World anime is based on Kazutomo Ichitomo’s manga of the same name, which has been serialized on KADOKAWA’s ComicWalker manga services in October 2018. The manga will release the latest, 8th volume on December 23, 2022. Yen Press also licensed this series and the first volume is scheduled to be released on June 20, 2023. The official website describes the plot of the debut volume as:
Handyman Saito has never been anyone special. All his life, he’s had average grades, ordinary athletic skill, a commonplace job… But his unremarkable path takes a turn when he wakes up in another world. Here, warriors, wizards, and elves accompany him on quests delving deep into dungeons, and Saito realizes for the first time what it’s like to be needed. After all, who other than the handyman could be trusted to open locked treasure chests or repair his allies’ equipment? Beginning with a simple “thank you,” this is the story of an ordinary person’s fulfilling life. 

Source: Official Twitter, Official Twitter
© Hotondoshindeiru, KADOKAWA / Isekai Ojisan Production Committee; © Kazutomo Ichitomo, KADOKAWA / “Handyman Saitou-san in Another World” Production Committee

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