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Uzumaki Anime Set to Air in October 2022, Teaser Revealed

Uzumaki anime adaptation is coming in October 2022, according to a video posted on Adult Swim’s official YouTube channel. A 30-second teaser scene is also available.

Hiroshi Nagahama, Uzumaki director, revealed more information about the anime in a video uploaded on Adult Swim’s official YouTube channel. He apologized for the delays since the coronavirus pandemic delayed the production of the anime. He did, however, promise to deliver a finished product that will do justice to Junji Ito’s work.

You can watch the full speech and the teaser clip below:

Uzumaki anime was originally slated for 2021, but production issues slowed down the progress. Studio Drive (Vlad Love) is animating the series, with the abovementioned Nagahama as director. There is no information about additional staff yet, but Nagahama says that they need more people for this adaptation. The anime will have 4 episodes.

Previously cast listing was released. Uki Satake plays Kirie Goshima, Shinichiro Miki stars as Shuichi Saito, Mariya Ise is Azami Kurotami, while Mika Doi voices Yukie Saito. Takashi Matsuyama, Katsutoshi Matsuzaki, Wataru Hatano, Toshio Furukawa, and Ami Fukushima also star in the Uzumaki anime.

Junji Ito’s Uzumaki

Uzumaki is a horror manga by Junji Ito, first published in 1998. It consists out of 3 volumes, with 19 chapters. Viz Media licensed the manga for the English market.

A mysterious spiral shape, Uzumaki, haunts the small Japanese coastal town. Citizens suddenly become attracted to spiral-shaped objects. Shuichi Saito’s father is one of them. He becomes increasingly obsessed with spirals – snails, whirlpools, as well as decorations on pottery. This by itself isn’t a huge problem, but something more sinister is lurking. When his dead body is found positioned in a spiral shape, the town must prepare for the worst…

Junji Ito’s works are a treat for all horror fans out there but Uzumaki isn’t the first anime adaptation of his works. In 2017 Studio DEEN animated Junji Ito “Collection”. In addition to the 12 episode series, the studio did an OVA that focuses on Tomie.

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