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Voice Actress Asuka Nishi Announces Pregnancy

Voice actress Asuka Nishi, known for her role as Mimosa Vermillion in Black Clover anime, revealed that she is five months pregnant on Friday. She announced her marriage last year – on April 1.

Her announcement came with a caption on her Twitter page as “To everyone who has always been supporting me“. The voice actress goes on to explain: “Now I have been given a new life. As I have been in a stable period, 5-month pregnancy, let me announce [this matter].” She continues to explain her situation: “All the things are new to me, which makes me feel worried. But thinking of my baby growing every day in my stomach, I’m filled with the feeling of happiness. I’d like to spend calmly and peacefully, and most of all, enjoy days during my pregnancy.” As for her activity, she will continue to work and give her best as far as her condition permits. “I’d appreciate your continued warm support,” She concludes.

Voice actress Asuka Nishi was born on February 10, 1988. Other than Mimosa Vermillion in Black Clover anime, the 34-year-old played roles as Anna in Redo of Healer, Shinobu Omiya in Kiniro Mosaic, and Amelia Eimi Akechi Goldie in The Irregular at Magical High School series.

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