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Voice Actress Sora Amamiya Enjoys Suntory's Drink in a New Commercial

Japanese beverage company Suntory released a new commercial for its alcoholic product, JIM BEAM HIGH BALL, which features voice actress Sora Amamiya. Amamiya is known for her roles of goddess Aqua in the KonoSuba God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World, Elizabeth in The Seven Deadly Sins, and more.

The video shows Sora Amamiya as herself and begins with her in a hurry with a dried squid in her mouth saying “Oh, no, I’m going to be late~“, which is reminiscent of run-with-bread-in-mouth situations. She had a plan for a good evening with JIM BEAM, but it didn’t go down as scheduled, and she expressed her frustration in a funny way, behaving as a female character from romantic comedies you may have seen somewhere. She opens the can and pours it into a beer mug full of ice cubes, and the combination makes her say “awesome”. The voice actress concludes the video by praising it with another parodic meme.

As for the shooting, she said she was “unfamiliar and really nervous about it, but people were warm there and I had a good time.” She also revealed that she usually prefers white wine, but she had an opportunity to drink the beverage at the filming and found it “very delicious and smooth.” The voice actress imagined it would be wonderful to have it with a cheeseburger. You can watch the commercial video in which Sora Amamiya enjoys drinking on Suntory’s official YouTube channel below:

In addition to Sora Amamiya, Suntory released commercial videos featuring comedian Sugi-chan, YouTuber Yukke Sakamura, and YouTuber Yuyuuta respectively.

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Sora Amamiya is currently playing the roles of Chizuru Ichinose/Mizuhara in Rent a Girlfriend Season 2, and vampire Nazuna Nanakusa in a new anime Call of the Night this season. Her nickname is Ten-chan.

Source: Official YouTube, PR Times
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