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What To Look Forward To at Cosplay Matsuri 2022

Cosplay Matsuri (CosMatsuri) 2022 will be taking place on December 28-30 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Philippines. The colorful festival will make its full comeback as a 3-day physical event that will celebrate Japanese entertainment and culture for the Filipino audience ahead of the new year. The event will bring together festive marketplaces and activities so everyone can have a fun year-end atmosphere to engage in and enjoy — a perfect finale to celebrate the return of live events in the Filipino anime community.

Cosplay Matsuri (or CosMatsuri for short) is part of the Cosplay Mania event series organized by Cosplay.ph. They were founded in 2008 and continued on with various activities until the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though a mini Cosplay Matsuri was held last year, both in-person venues and online, Cosplay Matsuri 2022 will mark its official comeback as a full-blown year-end festival now.

See the official Cosplay Matsuri 2022 posters below:

Exciting Activities To Explore Cosplay Matsuri 2022

Cosplay Matsuri will be delivering the new-year celebration vibes with their fan-favorite activities and contests. A highlight tradition will be the Charms Wall, designed after the Japanese prayer offering tablets where con-goers can hang their wishes for the new year. Meanwhile, the contests will be the Douken Cosplay Competition, Doujin Group Cosplay, and the Anisong It Singing Contest.

Games such as the Pundamonium Game, a pun puzzle game, and the Ano Na Wa Quiz Show, an anime trivia game, will be added to Cosplay Matsuri’s lineup of activities. Updates for the announcements and registrations can be found on Cosplay Mania’s social profiles.

In addition, there will also be Cosplay Auctions, where con-goers will be able to bid for stuffed toys, collectibles, toys, figures, and cosplay costumes. Original merch from the organizers, such as the limited edition key chains and the Cosplay-in-a-Can, can be purchased as well. There will also be a free giveaway calendar for early con-goers which will be available until supplies last.

According to the schedule, programs such as the Bilibili Creator Awarding, Cosplay Mania 2023 teaser trailer, and a Cosplay Carnival 2023 announcement will also take place. See the official Cosplay Matsuri (CosMatsuri) 2022 program schedule below:

The exhibit area of Cosplay Matsuri 2022 is undoubtedly going to be overflowing with fun with its jam-packed lineup of shops. The complete directory and map guide aim to help con-goers navigate around the convention — the purple area is for the All-Star Avenue, red for blockbuster shops, yellow for lifestyle shops, blue for collectible shops, orange for FanFair stalls, and green for food stalls. Meanwhile, the featured exhibitors’ visuals are also compiled into a photo album. The map will be displayed throughout the event, but don’t forget to keep your own copy as well!

For people who are unable to physically join Cosplay Matsuri 2022, a buying proxy service called Cash and Karin Service (Pabili Service) is available to use. The service guide explains that the orders will be fulfilled by the organizers themselves. Lastly, District 1 Cosplay Studio will also return with its themed pop-up studio of a Victorian Library and a Traditional Japanese home. Con-goers will also be able to do photoshoots at the cost of ₱50.00 per person for five minutes.

Special Guests To Watch Out For

Aside from joining in on the convention experience and meeting fellow con-goers, another highlight to look forward to are the special guests and the All-Star Avenue. The main guest and cosplayer, Rithe, is an internationally recognized cosplayer and gaming video creator from Singapore.

Cosplayer Guest Rithe

Meanwhile, All-Star Avenue will be hosting a variety of personalities, such as the invited music groups MiQx, Night Shifters, Urodia, and Kana. Local creative group, Ethireal (8THiR3AL Projekt), will also have Kamiya Juu, Azashi, and Shouta Ren as guest VTubers. The song series and independent music label, Stellar Paradigm, will be attending and featuring the original creator Dasu, illustrator and VTuber CinfulMaddie, and illustrator Poison at their booth.

Merchandise, stage schedules, and meet-and-greet rules are available to read on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) post made by the organizers. Stellar Paradigm also released a detailed guideline of their events, as well as a reminder for fans to cover the talents’ faces when posting on social media.

The “Matsu-Waited” Celebration Is Here!

Cosplay Matsuri (CosMaturi) 2022 is now just a few days away! The entrance to the SMX Convention Center will open at 9:00 AM, while the event doors will officially open at 11:00 AM. The event will be using the spaces of Function Rooms 1-4 on the second floor. Entry for physical ticket holders will be at the SMX Main Entrance, while entry for VIP, PWD, and registered contestants will be at the SMX MOA Side Entrance.

While online tickets are already sold out, physical tickets to CosMatsuri 2022 are still available. On-the-day tickets can be purchased for ₱349.00 at SM MOA Arena (behind IKEA.) There will be a limit of 2 tickets per person. Ticket vouchers can also be exchanged for tickets at the MOA Arena. See the CosMatsuri 2022 entrance guide below:

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Are you ready to join the “matsu-waited” year-end convention? See you there! For more information, such as baggage counter guidelines, code of conduct, and other event guidelines, visit the official Cosplay Mania socials and Cosplay.ph website.

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Disclaimer: Anime Corner is a media partner for Cosplay Matsuri 2022.

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