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Whisper of the Heart Live-Action Movie Sequel Unveils New Visual

The live-action sequel to the 1995 anime film Whisper of the Heart has released a new visual, as well as preview images. Sony Pictures Entertainment announced the movie in January 2020. Studio Ghibli animated the original, which was based on Aoi Hiiragi’s Mimi o Sumaseba manga.

The main cast for the movie includes Nana Seino as Shizuku and Tori Matsuzaka as Seiji. Yuichiro Hirakawa is directing the film that was initially set for release in September 2020 but was then moved to October 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some new preview images were released for the live-action movie

Speaking on the new movie, the original manga writer Aoi Hiiragi commented:
It has been 33 years since I drew “Whisper of the Heart” and 27 years since it was made into an anime movie. Hearing the passion of the staff who grew up watching the movie, I was intrigued by the new approach to the story 10 years later. Now that a new live-action film has been created, I wonder about the characters who are walking completely out of the original creator’s hands. However, I guess it is still the parents who are thrilled and excited to see what kind of world they are going to show us. The world has become darker due to the unexpected pandemic, but I hope that this film will brighten the world a little!

A trailer for the new live-action film was released in April this year. It is set to be released in Japan on October 14.

The original anime film was directed by Yoshifumi Kondo and animated by Studio Ghibli. Hayao Miyazaki wrote the screenplay. According to CinemaPlus, the film generated over ¥3.15 billion in total box office revenue in Japan.

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