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Who Made Me a Princess Donghua Shows Off Second Trailer

The previously announced animated adaptation of Who Made Me a Princess revealed a new trailer. Studio Colored Pencil Animation is in charge of the donghua, which is slated to premiere this year. Just like with the first trailer, the new one is available on the IQIYI platform but not yet on YouTube.

Who Made Me a Princess is a manhwa based on a Korean novel by Pluto and illustrated by Spoon. Originally published by CARROTOON, it was first serialized on Ridibooks. Tappytoon serialized the webtoon in English (the webtoon ran from 2017 to 2022). It’s important to note that the web novel and webtoon differ in some story aspects.

Seven Seas Entertainment is licensing the manhwa for print and describes the plot as:
The story of Athanasia, forsaken princess of the Obelian Empire, ends with her execution at the hands of her own father–except, did it? Her tragic tale is the plot of the novel The Lovely Princess. But now, a modern woman who read the book has just woken up as baby Athanasia herself, filled with her memories and knowledge of the story she’s stuck in! Determined to survive her fate, infant Athanasia embarks on this new life with a plan: avoid attention and horde valuables to fund her escape. When her plan goes awry, she suddenly needs to charm her way into the good graces of her father, the beautiful tyrant emperor, so he doesn’t kill her again!

Check out the first teaser trailer for the Who Made Me a Princess adaptation:

Source: IQIYI
© Spoon / CARROTOON, Plutus

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