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YOASOBI Announces Concert Dates for East Coast and Lollapalooza

J-pop group YOASOBI announced their East Coast concert dates powered by Crunchyroll and Live Nation. With an appearance at the Crunchyroll Awards, Coachella, and two West Coast shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco, fans of the pop-duo that are in the Massachusetts and New York area can vibe to their performance without having to jet across the country to do so. Both the August 6, New York show scheduled at the Radio City Music Hall and the August 8 show scheduled for the MGM Music Hall at Fenway will get you a sweet pre-sale deal by using the special code “Crunchyroll” when purchasing your tickets through the Live Nation website.

Pre-sale for the event starts on Thursday, April 25 at 12:00 pm, while general sales begin on April 26 at 12:00 pm. But what if you’re stuck in the Midwest, or worse, you’re from a fly-over state and can’t make the trek to the East Coast? Well, luckily for you, YOASOBI will also be performing at Chicago’s Lollapalooza on Saturday, August 3.

Signed by Sony Music Entertainment Japan, YOASOBI consists of composer Ayase and vocalist Ikura. Known for performing the opening songs to shows like Oshi No Ko and Beastars and having a list of accolades to their name, the group is a true fan favorite of the anime world. Their upcoming performances are still some of the first they’ve done in the US.

The already successful duo saw an even faster rise to fame after the opening for Oshi No Ko’s “Idol” became the #1 song of the year in Japan’s Hot 100 Chart and gained hundreds of millions of views on their YouTube channel and on streaming sites.

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