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Yuri Is My Job Episode 7 Preview Revealed

Yuri Is My Job anime revealed the preview for the upcoming episode 7 titled “You Say I’m a Gal, Right?” which is set to air on Thursday, May 18. Terufumi Komori and Tatsuya Hagino are collaborating together in directing the episode with Naoki Hayashi writing the scripts. Naruyo Takahashi is doing the storyboard.

Yuri Is My Job TV anime is animated by studios Passione and LINGS. Yui Ogura is voicing the main character Hime Shiraki while Sumire Uesaka is playing the role of Mitsuki Yano. The series is based on the manga by Minman which has been serialized in Ichijinsha’s Comic Yuri Hime since November 2016. Kodansha is publishing the English version.

Yuri Is My Job Episode 7 – Preview Video

Crunchyroll and Bilibili are streaming the anime and the latter describes the series as:
Hime is a high school student who puts a lot of effort into maintaining the image of a kind, selfless princess, but on the inside, she just cares about herself. But when she unintentionally injured Mai, the manager of a café, she is prepared to work extra hours to maintain her persona. Hime eventually finds work as a waitress at a venue that is half café, part theater, where all the waitresses pose as students at Liebe Girls Academy, a made-up all-girls boarding school. Hime is lured to another waitress at the café who shows Hime unheard-of affection and devotion in front of the customers. But, the girl appears to despise her guts in secret.

Source: Yuri Is My Job Official Website and Twitter
© Minman, Ichijinsha / Watayuri Production Committee!

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