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30 Best Anime Moms You Will Always Love

First and foremost, the Anime Corner family would like to wish all mothers from around the world a Happy Mother’s Day! Thus, in commemoration of this holiday, we listed down the 30 best anime moms you’ll always love.

Take note that all names are not listed in a ranking manner. We believe that all moms are equal and they’re all the best!

*The article has been updated since being originally published in 2021.

Inko Midoriya

Anime: My Hero Academia

Izuku’s mother spent her early years watching her son talk about superheroes and Quirks. When his Quirk never manifested, she realized his dreams would become shattered. As she tried to console him, she apologized and tried to redirect his aspirations elsewhere.

However, Deku’s determination ends with him gaining a Quirk. Inko feels bad for her initial doubts and is scared that she somehow harmed her son. Even though she worries about Deku, who is constantly putting himself in danger, she goes the extra mile to be supportive. She even makes a superhero suit for him, one that Deku proudly wears because it’s a sign of his mother’s love.

Inko’s favorite person in the world is Izuku.


Mrs. Yuigahama

Anime: Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru

Mrs. Yuigahama is the kind of mother who comforts her daughter especially when they sense that their children are having a hard time. When her daughter Yui was suffering from heartbreak, she was the one who comforted her.

Mrs. Yuigahama symbolizes the kind of anime moms who tenderly care for her children.

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Anime: Dragon Ball

Chi-Chi is considered as a nagging, overprotective, controlling, tough, and fundamentally well-meaning anime mother. She needed such a strong personality to protect her children – Gohan and Goten. Not only that, she has a strong personality, but she can also fight her enemies head-on.

Chi-Chi symbolizes the power of strong anime moms who protects their loved ones.


Trisha Elric

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

Trisha Elric is one of the most notable anime mothers. She was a strong woman who raised two young boys by herself. Even though their father left the family, she was calm about it. She was often sad but she still thought fondly of him.

She continued to take care of Edward and Alphonse, providing them with unconditional love and support especially for their ventures in alchemy. Also, she always wore a smile despite silently struggling with a deadly disease. It’s a lot of sacrifices, but the Elric brothers turned out to be good people and even better alchemists. Most of all, you can really see how these boys loved their mother so much.

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Sanae Furukawa

Anime: Clannad

A gentle, loving mother who always wore a smile on her face – that’s Sanae Furukawa! She’s always willing to help her daughter Nagisa and her friend, Tomoya, whenever they are in need.

She even gave Tomoya shelter and treated him as her own son. Sanae is the kind of mother who symbolizes a gentle and loving impression.

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Yui Ikari

Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Let’s not forget about the loving anime mother of the boy who will eventually become a legend, Shinji Ikari’s mother, Yui Ikari, the brilliant bio-engineer! A very intelligent professional and a very loving mother – that’s Yui Ikari.

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Kushina Uzumaki

Anime: Naruto

Kushina Uzumaki is your fierce, strong-willed but soft-hearted anime mother. Her love for her son Naruto proved to us that she will always be the kind of mother who’s willing to sacrifice her life for her son. Despite the pain she endured when she was young, she made sure that Naruto will never experience it himself.

What’s more, her final words for Naruto were so heartbreaking! Kushina symbolizes the strong-hearted mother willing to protect her children.

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Anime: Erased

Sachiko is one badass single anime mom. She’s hardworking and selfless, looking out for her son Satoru back when he’s a child and a young adult. Plus, her skills as a news reporter play a vital role in preventing more child deaths at the hand of serial killers.

However, it’s the way she expresses motherly love towards Kayo, who comes from an abusive household, which is most remarkable. Sachiko demonstrates that a mother’s love extends beyond biology.



Anime: Wolf Children

After her werewolf partner suddenly dies, Hana has to deal with raising two children by herself. Aside from the typical single mom struggles, she also has to try and keep her children’s werewolf side hidden from others. This proves to be a difficult task, but Hana takes it in her stride and is a wonderful parent to her children.

Despite being human, she tries her best to understand her children’s werewolf nature. When her son decides to fully embrace his werewolf side and leave home to live in the wild, she supports him (though heartbroken).


Miyako Ishida

Anime: A Silent Voice

Miyako Ishida is known to be a strong, loving anime mother who will do her best just to protect her son, Shoyo. A mom who will stand up for your mistakes and correct your wrongdoings – that’s Miyako Ishida.

She truly symbolizes an anime mom who’s willing to endure any pain just to protect their children.



Anime: Dororo

Dororo’s family history is steeped in tragedy. Both bandits who rebel against the cruel samurais, Dororo’s parents are forced to flee after they are betrayed by a close friend. After the death of Dororo’s father, Ojiya remains courageous, wandering through the countryside with Dororo and providing for her however she can.

This is best exemplified during a scene where lacking a bowl, she allows boiling soup to be poured into her hands so that Dororo can eat. It speaks to the lengths that a mother will go to to protect her child.


Yor Forger

Anime: Spy x Family

Despite suddenly getting engaged and becoming a mother to Anya, Yor quickly gets attached to the child and becomes one of the most caring anime moms. She would do anything to protect Anya, often being ready to brutally knock out anyone who dares do something to the little girl.

© Tatsuya Endo, Shueisha / Spy x Family Project

Naoko Natsuki

Anime: Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World

Although not really getting a prominent role in the anime, we saw that Naoki is crucial to Subaru’s development. Although she can appear intimidating, she is extremely compassionate and puts always her son in first. This aniem mom is a big mayonnaise fan.

©Tappei Nagatsuki, KADOKAWA / Re:ZERO: Starting Life in Another World Production Committee

Miyako Saito


Although not the biological mother of her children Aqua and Ruby, Miyako Saito went from being someone who found them as nuisances to being one of the most supportive anime moms out there. We can see her mean a lot particularly to Ruby, for whom she is always there and ready to offer comforting words.


Irisviel von Einzbern

Anime: Fate/Zero

Irisviel von Einzbern is a strong, soft-hearted mother who did her best to protect her daughter, Illyasviel. She waged on the Holy Grail War even at the cost of her life just to fulfill her duties. A very strong mother indeed. Irisviel is one of those mothers who carry out their responsibilities to protect their loved ones.



Anime: Re: Zero − Starting Life in Another World

Mother Fortuna was the one who raised Emilia. Despite the fact that she was not Emilia’s biological mother, Fortuna still did everything to attend to Emilia’s daily needs. She gave Emilia the love of a caring mother.

Most of all, Fortuna met her end while protecting Emilia. Emilia even mentioned she thinks that Fortuna is her real mother.


Clara Magnolia

Anime: Violet Evergarden

After realizing her illness isn’t getting better, Clara hires Violet to write a set of letters for her daughters. Her daughter, Ann doesn’t understand what is happening and why her mother suddenly doesn’t want to spend time with her and in a typical child-like manner pouts and causes mischief.

However, a letter is set to be delivered on her birthday, for the next 50 years. We see Ann grow up, marry, have her own family. Even though Clara is gone, she is always thinking of her daughter and supporting her every step of the way.



Anime: I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

Azusa was reincarnated in a fantasy world with the skill of immortality. The only thing she was doing every day was killing slimes. Thus, for 300 years, she didn’t notice that she already maxed out her level.  However, killing slimes also resulted in the birth of her 2 daughters. Tons of slime spirits have accumulated and formed 2 small kids.

One of the kids tried to kill Azusa, but it didn’t bother her. Instead, she invited those 2 to her home and looked after them. Azusa considers them family. Not only that, but Azusa also took in a dragon, elf, a demon lord, and a ghost. She was also afraid of the thought that one day, one member of her family will leave the house. In conclusion, Azusa really loves her family even if they are not blood-related.


Kyoko Honda

Anime: Fruits Basket

Kyoko has already passed away by the time the Fruits Basket story begins but her impact on the show is immense. Once a leader of a street gang, she mellows out after meeting Tohru’s father.

Left to raise Tohru as a single mom after her father dies, Kyoko proves to be an exceptional mother, imparting many valuable lessons on Tohru and shaping her into the kind and loveable girl she is. Tohru clings to the memory of her mother, always recalling her words of wisdom in trying times.


Carla Jaeger

Anime: Attack on Titan

Carla Jaeger doesn’t have a lot of screen-time, but her impact in the Attack on Titan franchise is ever-present. She sacrificed her life for her children, even though she was scared of dying. Her need to protect both Eren, and Mikasa, her adoptive daughter, helped her overcome her fears. 

Carla’s main goal in life was to see her children happy. She scolds Eren for wanting to join the Survey Corps, because she knows it’ll most likely result in his death. She counts on Mikasa to protect Eren, because she believes Mikasa is the only one capable of doing it. 

To Carla, simply being born into the world is a special thing, worthy of love and praise.

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Zenith Greyrat

Anime: Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Zenith is the mother of Rudeus Greyrat. She is a loving mother and can’t say no to the wishes of her child. One day, she found out that Paul, her husband, cheated on her with their housemaid, Lilia. They found out that Lilia was pregnant, and Paul is the father.

Zenith was about to leave Paul behind but due to Rudeus’ request, she didn’t. She endured the pain she felt and tried to live with Lilia and her daughter even when Rudeus was not at home.

She also teaches her second daughter, Norn some skills and etiquettes that she must acquire in the future while Rudeus is gone. So I can say that Zenith really loves her children more than anyone else.


Yuriko Hori

Anime: Horimiya

She is the mother of Kyoko Hori, even though she is mean to her daughter sometimes, it’s her way of providing love to her. She’s a very supportive mother especially when it comes to her children’s love life.

When Miyamura became Kyoko’s boyfriend, Yuriko also considered him as her son. She even wants Miyamura to be in their home more than her husband. She is also prioritizing Miyamura over him, especially when eating dinner.

Thus Yuriko really loves the children around her more than anything else.

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Ruka Rengoku

Anima: Demon Slayer: Mugen Train

Ruka Rengoku, mother of the legendary flame hashira Kyojuro Rengoku, has a wise, gentle, and graceful personality. She raised her sons into becoming responsible, strong, and diligent people. She teaches Kyojuro the importance of his life and the need to use his strength in order to protect the weak and helpless people in the world as his primal duty.

Ruka Rengoku, just like every single mother, will always do their best to raise their children into being a successful, happy, and responsible person.



Anime: The Promised Neverland

Isabella is the kind of mother who diligently attends to her responsibilities. Despite her serious attitude hidden behind her mask, she always loved her children. Isabella symbolizes a very responsible mother – or might be a too responsible one.


Mamako Oosuki

Anime: Okaa-san Online

Meet Mamako Oosuki, a playful and energetic mom who’s willing to play with her son. She’s the kind of mother who’ll play together with you, to the point that you’ll actually feel embarrassed! But don’t let that stop you, it’s hard for mothers to find time to play together with their children.

Mamako Oosuki surely symbolizes the hard work in managing their time just to be with their children.

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Tsuki Uzaki

Anime: Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

A very shy yet joyful mother – that’s Tsuki Uzaki! Just like the saying goes: like mother, like daughter – Tsuki and her daughter Hana always brighten up the mood wherever they are! What’s more, is that Tsuki assumes that her daughter’s senior actually likes her.

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Anime: The Misfit of Demon King Academy

Izabella is the mom of Demon Lord Anos Voldigoad, and she’s the type of anime moms who love to spoil their children. After having trouble to get a child and eventually Anos coming along, she swore along with her husband that they would always love it with everything they had. And that’s exactly what she does.

© Shuu, KADOKAWA / Demon King Academy

Hinata Hyuuga

Anime: Boruto

Hinata was Naruto’s wife and the mother of Himawari and Boruto. She has a soft side and really cares for her loved ones. Despite being a ninja, she always does the house chores every day. 

She is one of the anime moms out there who really showcases her love for her family without feeling any embarrassment. She is also doing what is right for the greater good of her children.

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Anime: Yashahime

She was the mother of Gyokuto, Kin’u, Hisui and the wife of Miroku on the TV anime series, Yashahime. It is the sequel of a classic anime Inuyasha.

Even when Miroku is away from her, she didn’t hold a grudge because she understands what her husband wants. Also, she is kind enough to give her precious weapon she was using in the series, “Inuyasha,” to her youngest son, Hisui.

Sango really trusts her children to the point that she was sending them to help her husband Miroku, especially when Miroku was in trouble. Sango symbolizes a mother who completely trusts her children and loves her husband very much.

©高橋留美子/小学館・読売テレビ・サンライズ 2020

Emma Spring

Anime: Astra Lost In Space

She is the surrogate mother of Aries Spring. Despite not being blood-related, she truly loved her daughter more than anything. Aries also feels the same way about her.

Aries learned the truth that Emma was not her true mother and the fact that she was only a clone. Their relationship, however, remained unchanged, and they continue to act like mother and daughter.

© 篠原健太/集英社・彼方のアストラ製作委員会

All these 30 best anime moms symbolize every single thing our mothers have. Our mothers are the ones who will always love us and be with us until the end.

This article was written and contributed by every writer of Anime Corner – to tell you that these strong, powerful characters embody our mothers. Let’s all commemorate the hard work they’ve always done by showing them our love and respect.

Once again, Happy Mother’s Day to all of the hard-working and loving mothers throughout the whole world!

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